Academic Affairs


IR is responsible for the analysis, distribution, and presentation of data and information for use in planning, decision-making, and policy formation at East Carolina University.  Consistent with the mission of IPAR that emphasizes sound data and information, Institutional Research’s overall goal is put data in the hands of decision-makers in ways that are understandable and useful.  These contextualized data are disseminated to our constituents through annual reports (such as the Fact Book), websites (such as the ECU Analytics Portal), and responses to ad hoc requests.

IR has primary responsibility for preparing and submitting official reports and data files to ensure the University's compliance with the UNC System as well as with state, regional, and federal reporting mandates. IR coordinates the University's responses to a variety of other external requests for information from the media, publishers of college guides and rankings, local government, the general public, and other institutions. IR staff collaborate with personnel locally and at the system office to ensure that ECU data are accurate, complete, and consistent.  They possess the technical skills necessary to retrieve data from the university’s relational database and data warehouse and create information from those data in the form of interactive reports. They frequently participate in special projects conducted by campus teams to investigate topics related to institutional effectiveness.  In addition to data and project management, IR staff expertise extends to areas such as data visualization, enrollment projections, research methods, statistical analyses (including predictive analytics), and leadership in the use of data and analytics to measure student and institutional success.