Academic Affairs

IPAR Resources

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System

IPEDS is the core postsecondary education data collection program for the National Center for Education Statistics (U.S. Department of Education). Data are collected from all primary providers of postsecondary education in the country in areas including enrollments, program completions, graduation rates, faculty, staff, finances, institutional prices, and student financial aid. These data are made available on the IPEDS website to students, researchers and others.   

University of North Carolina Data Dashboard

The UNC Data Dashboard is an interactive, online database that gives students, parents, policymakers and taxpayers expanded access to detailed system data on selected core measures (e.g., enrollment, graduation rates, and degree awarded). This new tool reflects UNC’s commitment to increase transparency, better track and measure productivity, efficiency, and impact; and demonstrate greater accountability to the people of North Carolina.  

NC Tower

NC Tower provides graphs and tables of in-depth information on employment rates, wages, and ongoing higher education enrollment of graduates from the North Carolina Community College System and from University of North Carolina system schools. Information in NC Tower can be viewed at an aggregate level (e.g., outcomes for all bachelor's degree earners in North Carolina, regardless of where they went to school or what they studied). It can also be broken out by broad subject areas (e.g., 2-digit Classification of Instructional Program code), specific subject areas (e.g., 6-digit Classification of Instructional Program code), and campus. Employment and wage information can also be broken out by the industrial sector of the student's employment, while data on further enrollment in higher education can be broken out by level of study. 

University of North Carolina Academic Program Inventory

The UNC Academic Program Inventory provides a listing of academic programs for each school in the UNC system.  The listing includes the following components:  discipline division, CIP Code, CIP Discipline, Degree Abbreviation, and Degree Program Title.

ECU Rankings and Recognitions

This page includes information about where ECU falls within some of the more well-known rankings, along with some notable recognitions of the university.