Academic Affairs

Strategic Planning

Consistent with our mission, “To be a national model for student success, public service, and regional transformation,” East Carolina University supports excellence, expands opportunities, and celebrates the achievements of our students.  Meeting this challenge in an evolving global climate requires continuous, practical strategic planning. 

Strategic Planning provides the University the framework that guides administrators in decision making, setting priorities for long- and short-term planning, resource allocation, and provides the ability to review organizational performance and capabilities in a timely and efficient manner to make necessary and/or innovative changes that promote continuous improvement and help accomplish goals. It is strategic because it involves preparing the University the best way to respond to circumstances in our environment whether known in advance or not and being able to make the best decisions.  This means that we must be clear about our priorities, aware of our resources, honor our commitments, and incorporate them to ensure ECU’s ability to intentionally respond to a dynamic, changing environment. We must plan…strategically.

Strategic planning at ECU is our tool for organizing the present on the basis of the projections of the desired future; our strategic plan is the road map to lead us from where it is now to where we would like to be in the future.

The future of ECU is our collective responsibility.

ECU Strategic Planning Cycle