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Step 7: Check your ECU email account


Student e-mail accounts are created automatically when students are accepted into the university. Information about your ECU e-mail account is included with your letter of admission to the University. Your ECU e-mail account is your official e-mail when contacting anyone at the University. You will use this email when corresponding with your instructor, the Office of Continuing of Studies or other departments at ECU. Each semester, the Office of Continuing Studies will send important information to you utilizing this e-mail address.


Your e-mail username (Pirate ID) is made up of your initials and your birth date. Your initial Passphrase consists of a $ and your ECU ID (also known as Banner ID) until you change it. Your ECU ID can be found on your letter of admission or tuition statement.

For example:


Name:  John Q. Doe

ECU Pirate ID:  jqd0306

Birth Date:  March 6th

ECU Passphrase: $B01234567

ECU (Banner) ID #:  B01234567


Your Internet E-mail Address is in the following form: Using the previous example, John’s e-mail address would be To access your e-mail account via the Web, go to and enter your PirateID and Passphrase where requested.


As an online student, your primary channel of communication with your professors, fellow students, advisers and means of assistance is via your ECU email (Piratemail) account. Check your email frequently at the beginning of the semester.



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