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Recommended Technology

These are the basic computer requirements that will help meet your needs while taking an on-line class at ECU. We recommend that if you purchase a computer it should meet at least the basic requirements. For a more comprehensive listing of computer recommendations visit the  ACE Requirements & Recommendations website. We also encourage students to contact their departments for computer information specific to their major before making a purchase.

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Internet access
Students must have reliable Internet access. This information is included in each school's description of hardware and software requirements. Many students have reported problems when using AOL to access course materials.

You simply cannot do an Internet course without e-mail. As a registered ECU student, you will receive an e-mail-mail account through the campus Exchange program.
Click here for information on how to access your ECU E-mail account.

There will be material that has to be printed for later use. A reliable printer is very helpful.

As standard word processing package is another minimum software requirement for an Internet delivered course. Some courses may require course-specific software not listed in this section. See the course's web pages or consult with the course instructor about additional software requirements before registering for an on-line learning course.