Diversity Dashboard

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Office for Equity and Diversity

About the Office for Equity and Diversity's mission and goals; ECU students and university personnel breakdown by race/ethnicity


About OED

ECU Diversity: Workforce Representation

University personnel by job category, gender, race/ethnicity, and age


Workforce Representation

ECU Diversity: Faculty Demographics

Faculty demographics by gender, age, race/ethnicity, academic rank, and tenure status


Faculty Demographics

ECU Diversity: Inclusive Environment

Responses regarding perceptions of an inclusive environment at ECU from ECU's Campus Climate Survey, National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), and Graduate Senior Survey (GSS) by variables including, but not limited to, gender, race/ethnicity, and age


Inclusive Environment

ECU Diversity: University Enrollment

University enrollment by student level, STEM/health discipline, gender, and race/ethnicity; Country of origin for enrolled international students


University Enrollment

ECU Diversity: Admissions

First-time, first-year undergraduate and new graduate student applied, accepted, and enrolled by gender and race/ethnicity for fall terms



ECU Diversity: First-Time, First-Year Undergraduate Student Enrollment

First-time, first-year undergraduate student enrollment by gender, race/ethnicity, Pell status, STEM/health discipline, and North Carolina county of residence for fall terms


First-time, first-year

ECU Diversity: New Graduate Students

New graduate student enrollment by gender, race/ethnicity, STEM/health discipline, and North Carolina county of residence for fall terms


Graduate Enrollment

ECU Diversity: Degrees Awarded

Degrees conferred by level, gender, race/ethnicity, STEM/health discipline, Pell status, admissions type, and residency status

Degrees Awarded