Diversity Education

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Educational Modules

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Education

There are two harassment and discrimination educational modules required to be completed every two years. Both the EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention and Unlawful Workplace Harassment modules are available via Cornerstone for faculty and staff members and via Blackboard for student employees. These modules are provided to educate University employees about a diverse and inclusive work environment. It is suggested that you use either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to complete the educational modules.

Guides for Registration in Cornerstone:

1. Search for your intended course in the search box located in the top-right corner of the page.

2. Click on the curriculum title and then click on "Request" in the bottom-right corner of the window.

3. You will be navigated to your Transcript page.

4. Click on "Open Curriculum" and begin your module.


Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence

This course aims to educate the community about Title IX. ECU faculty and staff members are required to complete this educational module every five years via Cornerstone and student employees are to complete the material via Blackboard. It is best to complete the material using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If you need assistance completing the module and test, please consult the guidance and the FAQ document below. 

Guide for Completion in Cornerstone:

1. Access Cornerstone

2. Log into Cornerstone by clicking on the "Log in Cornerstone" button.

3. Enter your Pirate ID and Password

4. Welcome Page will appear

5. Listed under "Online Training in Progress", click on the "Open Curriculum" link for the course "Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence"

6. On the next page that appears, you will see "Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence: Title IX and the SaVE Act for Faculty and Staff". Click on the "Activate" link under "Options", to activate the course. 

7. After activating the course, click the "Launch" link that appears under "Options"

8. The educational module should launch in a new window

9. If the module does not open, please disable pop-up settings in your browser and refresh the page. 

Assistance with Activating the Test:

1. Re-launch the course and make sure you advance the end of the course.

2. Close the course window.

3. Refresh the Cornerstone page.

4. Click on the "Activate" link listed under "Options"


EEO Compliance for EPA Search Committees

EPA Search Committee training is a Blackboard course for personnel and search committee members or hiring authorities with a role in the EPA hiring process. To enroll in the search committee course, email your request to: oed@ecu.edu. The objectives of the EPA Search Committee training are to:

1. Provide a general overview of EPA search procedures;

2. Underscore the role of the search committee in diversifying our faculty;

3. Illustrate the necessary EEO compliance steps in People Admin system;

4. Provide recruitment and outreach strategies; and

5. Bring awareness to illegal interview questions.

Please contact us if you need assistance with any of our educational offerings.


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