Notice of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy (New Policy Effective January 1, 2016)

*This new notice of nondiscrimination replaced seven of the University's polices to include: current Notice of Nondiscrimination; Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Conflicts of Interest; Racial and Ethnic Harassment; Sexual Orientation; Religious Accommodation; Disability Accommodation Grievance Procedures; and Unlawful Workplace Harassment.

Faculty Grievance Policies and Procedures Part XII Section IV (Grievances against EHRA Faculty Employees)
Regulation on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence - Interim
Improper Relationships Between Students and Employees
Mediation and Grievance Procedure for SHRA Employees - Interim
Resolving Allegations of Discrimination- Interim (Grievances against CSS, SHRA, and EHRA Non- Faculty Employees)

Additional Guidance

Religious Accommodations