Professional Staff Working Group:

LaKesha Alston Forbes, Associate Provost for Equity and Diversity

Donna Gooden Payne, University Counsel and Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs  

Ying Zhou, Associate Provost for Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research  

Task Force Members:

Elizabeth Griffin Baxley, Senior Associate Dean, Brody School of Medicine  

Jason Brinkley, Assistant Professor, Biostatistics

Shelia Bunch, Director, School of Social Work  

John Given, Vice Chair of the Faculty, Associate Professor, Director of Classical Studies

Beverly King, Director, Institutional Research

Christopher Locklear, Chief of Staff, Chancellor's Office

Rhea Miles, Associate Professor, Science Education  

Ronald Perkin, Chair, Pediatric Medicine 

Rachel Roper, Co-chair of the Committee on the Status of Women, Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

Wendy Sergeant, Executive Director of Personnel Administration, Academic Affairs

Marieke Van Willigen, Chair, Sociology  

Paul Vos, Chair, Biostatistics

Lisa Warren Sutton, Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, Health Sciences

Bret Wilson, Data Analyst, Office for Equity and Diversity