University Alumni Awards for Outstanding Teaching

Previous Recipients

ECU Selection Procedures

Faculty Senate Resolution #99-20
Approved by the Faculty Senate: 27 April 1999
Approved by the Chancellor: 14 May 1999

Selection Procedures for the University Alumni Awards for Outstanding Teaching

Each academic unit is invited to nominate candidates for the annual Awards for Outstanding Teaching. Each unit is to determine its own method for selecting nominees based on Faculty Senate Resolution #91-29, "Seven Characteristics of Effective Teaching", and should allow consideration of any eligible faculty member who requests consideration for nomination. No more than one nominee for each 10 faculty members in the academic unit can be nominated for the award.   

Faculty members are eligible to be nominated for one of the three Outstanding Teaching awards, as well as for one of the six Board of Governors Distinguished Professor for Teaching Awards and the one Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching Award. Information on the selection procedures for the Board of Governors’ awards may be obtained from the Office for Faculty Excellence.

Any full-time faculty member who has taught at ECU for three or more years is eligible to be considered for a teaching award. Four years must have elapsed before a faculty member who has previously won can be considered again. Award recipients will be invited to place their portfolios and videotapes in the Center for Faculty Excellence.

An announcement of the upcoming call for nominees will be distributed to all faculty and unit code administrators each year by the end of Spring semester. Deadlines for the submission of these materials will be specified in the call letter for nominees each year. An official reminder for nominees will be distributed to unit code administrators at the beginning of the Fall semester. This call will include a brief statement that each unit is to determine its own method for selecting nominees. Nomination letters from the unit code administrator must be received in the Office for Faculty Excellence no later than September 15 of each year (September 17, 2012). The nomination letter should include a listing of the names and departments of all nominees to the Ad Hoc Teaching Awards Committee via the Office for Faculty Excellence (Joyner Library). Nominated faculty who wish to pursue the award should submit a portfolio of all materials for evaluation to the Faculty Senate office no later than November 1 of each year (November 1, 2012). The Ad Hoc Committee chair will forward guidelines to each candidate. (Nominees will also be asked to complete an information sheet with their name as it should be listed, academic rank, department/school, and college, as well as a photograph at least 2.5" x 3" with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi. Nominees without a photograph can contact the OFE about having one taken.)

The candidate, once nominated by the unit, should provide the following portfolio of evaluative materials to the Ad Hoc Teaching Awards Committee:

  • two-page cover letter describing his/her teaching philosophy, including efforts for effective teaching and learning;

  • current nomination letter from the unit code administrator;

  • list of all courses taught over the past three years, average credit/contact hours per semester, and representative samples of course outlines, tests, and teaching materials. Samples do not have to include all courses taught

  • student evaluations for the past three years, and the corresponding grade distributions for each course; nominees will be provided a format for the summary student ratings;

  • peer evaluations, if available, or other approved evaluation methods as listed in Faculty Senate Resolution #91-28, "Methods for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness," and

  • three letters of support from former students (not to exceed two double-spaced pages each). Include names, addresses, phone numbers of students, and the title and date of course attended.

Please note that finalists for the award will also be asked to provide a video (Must be accompanied by a Media Consent and Release Form.) showing them teaching a portion of a class. The Chair of the Ad Hoc Teaching Awards Committee will contact the finalists at a later date concerning arrangements for making videotapes. The total packet of materials submitted to the Ad Hoc Teaching Awards Committee is not to exceed 50 single-sided pages. All materials must be up to date, using at least a size 12-font, and be double-spaced. The course materials, counted in the 50 single-sided page limit, do not have to be in a size 12-font or be double-spaced. Packets that do not follow all specified guidelines will be eliminated from consideration.

The Ad Hoc Teaching Awards Committee will consist of two members elected from the Academic Awards Committee, one faculty member appointed by the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, one faculty member appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, and one member appointed by the Alumni office. It will be chaired by a member of the Academic Awards Committee and have at least one member who is experienced in classroom observation and evaluation. The Committee will receive the materials, which will be read by at least three committee members, and evaluated using the criteria in Faculty Senate Resolution #91-29(attached). The seven characteristics of effective teaching will all have equal weight. No members of the ad hoc committee will vote on candidates whose portfolio they have not read.

The final pool of at most 12 applicants will be contacted by the chair of the Ad Hoc Teaching Awards Committee. A copy of this correspondence will also be sent to the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences for their information. Finalists must provide a videotape showing them teaching a portion of a class. The video segment submitted to the committee must be 15 to 20 consecutive minutes in length, must include at least one pan of the students, and must have been recorded within the past three semesters. The date, time, and class must be indicated on the video tape. The finalists will be given three to four weeks to provide the video tape.

The Ad Hoc Teaching Awards Committee will evaluate the materials, including the video tapes, and by scoring will determine the three winning candidates. Once determined, the Committee will randomly choose one recipient to receive the Robert L. Jones Award.

The names of the winning candidates will be announced during the annual teaching awards ceremony that is held at the end of the Spring semester. The finalists will be publicly recognized at that time.