Peer Classroom Observation

Faculty Senate Policy

The Faculty Senate Policy statement is the required policy for conducting tenure track probationary term faculty member's mandatory classroom observation, unless your unit has an approved, modified document.

Faculty Senate Instrument

Once you click on the link to the instrument, you need to print and then fill out the form.

Peer Observation of Face-to-face Courses:
Peer Observation of DE Courses:
Once completed, follow the policy for your unit regarding filing the completed form.

Discretion in Faculty Senate Policy

While the Faculty Senate procedures create the basic structure for a peer classroom observation process and statements by the Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences articulate the minimum requirements which must be met, there are some implementing procedures that need to be established in order to begin the in-classroom peer observation process. For the text of the specific decisions that need to be made, see "Implementing Features which need to be established for the Faculty Senate Peer Classroom Observation Procedures" in the section, Basic Required Elements. The decisions being suggested regarding the implementation of the Faculty Senate's in-classroom observation process do not require approval by the appropriate vice chancellor. Please remember, however, that if a unit modifies the Faculty Senate approved procedures or instrument, or creates its own procedures or instrument, those modifications or changes must be approved by the appropriate vice chancellor.

Basic Required Elements

Academic Unit Modified Documents

Training Sessions

These sessions are designed for faculty members who will serve as observers or who will be observed using the Faculty Senate procedures and observation instrument. Faculty members who have attended a training session do not need to attend one of these sessions.

All interested faculty members are welcome to attend on a space available basis. Each session will be limited to 30 participants. There is normally space available for all interested faculty members.

Resource Materials

An additional resource is UNC Intercampus Dialogue on Peer Review of Teaching, Results and Recommendations. The shared documents and recommendations are the product of a conference composed of representatives of the UNC campuses held September 1996 sponsored by the Carolina Colloquy for University Teaching and the UNC General Administration. The purposes of this report are:
  • to summarize the intercampus dialogue conference
  • to present fundamental recommendations for developing sound procedures for peer review of teaching
  • to share a basic bibliography of resources
The Carolina Colloquy for University Teaching no longer exists. It has been replaced by The Association of UNC Teaching Center Directors. Questions concerning this document should be addressed to

Dorothy Muller, Director
Office for Faculty Excellence
East Carolina University
Telephone 252-328-1426
FAX 252-328-4268