Sedona - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started and general questions:

1. What is Sedona?
     Answer 1

2. How do I get started in Sedona?
     Answer 2

3. What information should be loaded into Sedona?
     Answer 3

4. How complete does the information have to be?
     Answer 4

5. How is Sedona different from RAMSeS?
     Answer 5

6. What is the ECU Sedona Directory?
     Answer 6

7. What is Mission Code in Sedona and how does it relate to Scholarship of Engagement?
     Answer 7

8. Is the same database used for all faculty at ECU?
     Answer 8

9. There is a list of FAQs on the Sedona site. How is this list different?
     Answer 9

10. Is there training available for how to use Sedona?
     Answer 10

11. Can I correct information entered inaccurately or incompletely in a previous year?
     Answer 11

12. Can information such as double entries and incorrect titles of journals be deleted from Sedona?
     Answer 12

13. How can I find my Sedona ID if I forget it?
     Answer 13

Specific entry questions:

14. Is there a common requirement for books and journal articles?
     Answer 14

15. How do I determine the correct name of a journal, find its ISSN, and determine its peer-reviewed status?
     Answer 15

16. Where do I enter work in progress?
     Answer 16

17. Where does a publication in a magazine go?
     Answer 17

18. Are publications ranked?
     Answer 18

19. What do DBS, CTP, LPS, NIC mean? And how do they relate to ranking?
     Answer 19

20. Can an entry be listed more than one place?
     Answer 20

21. Can I show multiple years for editorial board or committee service or grants?
     Answer 21

22. How do I enter DE modules and/or annual DE professional development?
     Answer 22

23. How to I enter an article if I am the sixth author?
     Answer 23

24. How do I enter administrative assignments?
     Answer 24

25. What is the difference between professional and institutional service?
     Answer 25

26. Where do I put by charity/volunteer work in Sedona?
     Answer 26

27. What is the difference between local, state, regional, national, and international?
     Answer 27

28. What is the difference between a “participating faculty member” and a “supporting faculty member”?
     Answer 28