Teaching with Technology
Incorporating Technology in Education
Since the invention of computers and the World Wide Web, virtual digital learning technologies have become an important part of teaching and learning.. However, there is a need to understand how these tools can affect student learning. Their benefits depend on why, when, where, and how they are used.

Designing Courses to Incorporate Technology
Carnegie Mellon offers a discussion of technologies in terms of their pedagogical functions at http://www.cmu.edu/teaching/technology/index.html. A very useful chart from the University of South Wales relates desired learning outcomes and why they would be used to relevant activities and technologies that could potentially be used to achieve them at http://telt.unsw.wikispaces.net/Selecting+technologies.

Teaching Strategies for Using Technology
The University of Oregon website at http://tep.uoregon.edu/technology/index.html provides discussions of tools for engagement and for assessment, as well as how PowerPoint and multimedia can be used to enhance teaching, and how technology can improve lectures and support critical thinking.

In its "7 Things You Should Know About . . . " series, Educause considers individual emerging learning technologies, how they work and why they matter to teaching and learning; see http://www.educause.edu/ELI7Things. Extensive lists of software, cloudware, and webservices can be found at http://ipt286.pbworks.com/w/page/10618966/Index and at http://ipt286.pbworks.com/w/page/10618951/Digital%20Resources.