Contingency Plan

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Contingency Plan

As with any technology, Blackboard and other Internet based course delivery systems have the potential for technical problems. We like to think this technology will be available to you all semester.

In the event of a course downtime or a performance issue, there are a few steps that you can take to be able to continue your course work during such a technology failure:

  • Save and/or print a copy of the syllabus, assignment schedule, and course material available.
  • Save your instructor's email address so that you are able to contact them as necessary.
  • Save names of fellow classmates, so that you may contact each other through OneStop or Piratemail.
  • Determine that the problem is with Blackboard/Internet based course site and not your Internet Service Provider. Visit your favorite web site or, if these pages are available, then more than likely it is a Blackboard/Internet based course site problem.

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