RAMSeS Video Tutorials

Video tutorials have been created to assist you in submitting a proposal in RAMSeS. Click on any of the titles below to watch the corresponding tutorial. In order to view these video tutorials, you must have Quicktime Video Player installed on your computer.  Download the free version of this software at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download.

 IPF Screens

Other Tasks

 Logging in to RAMSeS

 Preparing a Financial Guarantee

 Starting a New Proposal

 Approvals Screen

 Investigator or Team Screen

 Approving Financial Guarantee

 Budget Screen

Research Cluster Affiliation

 Conflict of Interest Screen


 Research Subjects Screen


 Subcontractors Screen


 Intellectual Property Screen


 Community Benefits Screen


 Locations Screen


 Abstract Screen


More help documents will be available soon.  If you have questions please call the Office of Sponsored Programs at 252-328-9540.