Post-Award Management

Notes on Award Management

While Grants & Contracts Administration (OGC) is the ECU post-award office, OSP shares responsibility for certain non-financial post-award processes. Most financial aspects of award management will be handled directly by OGC.

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No Cost Extensions

In the event of a no-cost extension request (when no progress report is due), the routing process does not use RAMSeS.

Form - No Cost Extension Request


Complete the No-Cost Extension Request Form, signed by Chair and Dean, and send the form to OSP. If necessary, attach an additional sheet with the justification to be provided to the sponsor.

OSP will contact the sponsor to request the extension. Once approved, the Request Form and the Sponsor Approval will be processed as a non-competing renewal in RAMSeS (by OSP personnel).

Some Sponsors may require additional forms or separate actions by the PI. OSP will provide guidance in those circumstances.

Additional Considerations

IRB/IACUC Renewal – This is also a good time to make sure that any IRB (generally renewed annually) or IACUC approvals (generally renewed every few years) are up to date. If you have recent approval letters, please upload them into the current RAMSeS award.

Effort Commitments - It is a good idea to reconsider effort commitments when extending a grant project. The effort levels committed in the proposal remain a requirement of the project during a no-cost extension period. Often, however, both the level of effort needed on the project and the amount of funding available to support that effort is greatly reduced. When that is the case, ECU can request prior approval to reduce the effort commitments on the project during the extension period. If we do not make such a request, and there are not sufficient funds to cover the required effort levels, the department may find itself required to cost-share effort on the project.

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Non-Competing Continuations

The second (or third, fourth, etc) year award of a multi-year grant is called a non-competing continuation. While most sponsors generally require very little documentation at this point - often just a short progress report – the University takes this opportunity to confirm the nature and status of the project. Many projects evolve over time and it is crucial that the original projections made at proposal are monitored over the years.

• This is NOT the procedure for requesting a No-Cost Extension. In the event of a no-cost extension request (when no progress report is due), use the process at this link.

The Process:

In RAMSeS, create a new proposal and choose “Non-Competing Continuation/Progress Report” as the Proposal Type. List the prior proposal of the project being extended as the “Parent Proposal” 

Upload your progress report into RAMSeS as an attachment. 

Generally, the budget screen will list zeros unless new funding not previously requested is sought. Generally, the funding for a third or fifth year of a project was requested (and counted in our records) at the time of the original proposal – so there is no need to list it again here. If new funds are truly being proposed, please list them on the budget screen. 

IRB Renewal – If you have a current IRB approval letter, please upload that into RAMSeS as well (this would also apply to IACUC approvals if your protocol has been recently renewed). If your approval will soon expire, please consider submitting the extension documentation at this time. 

Route the Continuation Proposal via RAMSeS. Once it completes the review process (RAMSeS will provide e-mail confirmation), submit the progress report  to the Sponsor. In the case of grantee approved no-cost extensions, OSP will handle the mechanics of initiating the extension.

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Most closeout processes will be addressed by the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration- particularly any financial reporting.  When narrative progress (or final) reports are submitted to the sponsor, please ensure they are also updated into the Award record in RAMSeS.  If assistance is needed for any non-financial portion of the closeout process, please contact the appropriate OSP point of contact.

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Post-Award Management Policies

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