What is RAMSeS?

Proposals for external funding use the RAMSeS system for institutional review and approval. RAMSeS is a web-based system available to anyone with a PirateID and password (the same one as your e-mail). The best way to login is the RAMSeS Login button immediately to your right on this page (and on every page on this site).

The basic process at RAMSeS is to answer various questions about your project and to attach your proposal files – narrative, budget, budget justification, etc. The first time through this process, expect to spend 30 minutes to an hour on the various screens. Once you become familiar with the system, 15-20 minutes is more common. It is also a common practice to build the proposal a bit at a time over a few days rather than completing it all at once. 

Once all the data fields are completed and the proposal files attached, you "Submit" the proposal for institutional routing and approval. Based upon the data entered, RAMSeS will collect approvals from the various departments, colleges, and centers which have resources or personnel involved. RAMSeS will e-mail approving personnel in each unit requesting that they login and approve the proposal – the order in which this happens can be customized during proposal creation. The Principal Investigator and the proposal creator will receive progress updates via e-mail and can also track the process within RAMSeS.

Once all the units in the routing chain have approved, the proposal will route to a grant officer in OSP for final review. Once the proposal has been approved there, the PI will receive an e-mail documenting the University's approval of the proposal and authorizing the PI to submit the proposal to the Sponsor. The grant and contract officer will generally expect to liaise directly with the PI at this point to make sure the final version of the proposal is being submitted and that sponsor deadlines are being met.


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We have created tutorial videos which walk through various RAMSeS screens and procedures. If you need additional assisatance, please call OSP (see the number at the bottom of the screen) so e-mail

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RAMSeS Authorization & Access


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