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 Pediatric Heart Sounds




East Carolina University has developed an educational tool to train and prepare healthcare providers in identifying and distinguishing abnormal heart sounds in a pediatric population. The Pediatric Heart Sounds collection is library of digitally recorded normal and abnormal heart sounds from pediatric patients that includes information about the congenital heart conditions that cause them.


Originally developed as a learning tool, Pediatric Heart Sounds was presented as a CD-Rom that offered an interactive overview of heart auscultation. It integrated high fidelity, digitally recorded pediatric heart sounds with a graphic interface which allowed the user to view illustrations of a child's chest while listening to the points of auscultation, closely simulating an actual examination. Additional interactive text, illustrations, and a self-test were included to confirm a successful under-standing of the different heart sounds. If the exam wass passed with a score of 80% or better, a certificate of completion could be printed. ECU is looking to partner with existing education and/or software companies interested in licensing the Pediatric Heart Sounds Collection for educational use.


  • High Quality Sounds File
  • Digitally Recorded
  • Actual Patient Recordings
  • Four Different Regions of Recordings for each Condition
  • Numerous Conditions to Listen To

Inventor Profile

Dr. Michael Ellis McConnell is a Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine and a Emory Healthcare Network Physician at Emory University Hospital Midtown. Dr. McConnell has been board certified since 1988 and has a clinical area of interest is congenital heart defects. Click to learn more...