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How do you drive innovation across campus? 

Idea 2 Impact is designed to help faculty, students and staff on their journey through the ideation, innovation, assessment and commercialization process. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, our extensive network of resources, personalized training and diverse mentors will guide you in fully exploring the value of your idea. The Idea 2 Impact network is built upon three essential pillars: Inspiration, Influence and Immersion.


Many diverse programs across East Carolina University engage and embrace it's mission of becoming a national model for student success, public service and regional transformation.  This diversity holds great promise to germinate new ideas for the benefit of our students, our campus and our region. To assist in the creation of innovation and ideation, the Idea 2 Impact (I2I) network was created to provide a roadmap, where campus-wide innovation and development resources and opportunities are condensed into a searchable, linkable portal.  I2I focuses on three distinct areas: Inspire, Influence and Immerse, with each element designed to flow seamlessly from one element to another, and back again, as needed.

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I. Inspire is the beginning of the process, offering basic tools, resources and partnership opportunities, such as: 

• how-to videos and other training tools; 

• guest lecture opportunities for classroom instruction; 

• links to various training academies; and 

• discussion forums; 

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II. Influence recognizes the value of personal relationships and networks to gain insight into the development process and may take the form of: 

• Established resources supporting the innovation community, such as the Entrepreneurial Initiative (EI), Innovation Design Lab (IDL), Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), Small Business Technology Development Center (SBTDC), the Idea Lab, and the Small Business Institute (SBI); 

• Links to institutional, local and regional networking events; 

• Links to grant opportunities available for developing new innovations or ideas; 

• Activities offered by various incubators, such Greenville Seed; 

• Links to various investment opportunities; 

• Access to mentoring programs, industry experts and government partnerships. 

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III. Immerse focuses on the iterative process of translating an idea into something of value through repeated examination, assessment, prototype development, testing, and collaboration.