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Issued Patents Medical Devices

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East Carolina University Issued U.S. Patents
Medical Devices


U.S. Patent No. 6,754,632
Methods and devices for delivering exogenously generated speech signals to enhance fluency in persons who stutter
Inventor(s): Joseph Kalinowski, Andrew Stuart, Michael Rastatter
Issued: June 22, 2004
Abstract: Methods and devices generate an exogenous natural second speech signal as an auditory stimulus to a user to enhance the fluency of persons who stutter. The natural speech signal is independent of the contemporaneous speech production of the stutterer and is provided by a voice gesture and can be a prolonged or sustained voice gesture sound such as a simple vowel, or consonant, or vowel trains and the like. The second speech signal can be transmitted in advance of a speaking event or speech production of the stutterer and/or concurrently with a speaking event, either intermittently or continuous during the speaking event. The devices of the instant invention are configured to provide the voice based speech signal such that it is audible to the user and does not require feedback of the user's own speech allowing the user to speak at a substantially normal pace with enhanced fluency. The device and methods can relay the signal based on a manual activation or automatically based on a detection of speech or a stuttering event on the part of the user.


U.S. Patent No. D483,491 (Design Patent)
Post treatment protector device
Inventor(s): Sheila Grady, Laura Staubes, Janice Lalikos
Issued: December 9, 2003


U.S. Patent No. 6,620,121
Pulse wave generator for cardiopulmonary bypass and extracorporealoxygenation apparatus
Inventor(s): Craig J. McCotter
Issued: September 16, 2003
Abstract: The present invention is a cardiopulmonary bypass and extracorporeal oxygenation apparatus that provides a pulsatile blood flow output. The apparatus comprises: a primary pump, which primary pump is preferably a continuous pump; an oxygenator in fluid communication with the primary pump; a pulse wave generator in fluid communication with the oxygenator and positioned downstream from the primary pump. The pulse wave generator comprises: (i) a collapsible chamber having an inlet opening and an outlet opening formed therein; (ii) a first one-way valve connected to the inlet opening and positioned to permit the flow of blood from the primary pump through the collapsible chamber. A compression assembly is operatively associated with the collapsible chamber and configured to alternately compress said collapsible chamber and permit the expansion of the collapsible chamber.


U.S. Patent No. 7,349,523
Radiation isocenter measurement devices and methods and 3-D radiation isocenter visualization systems and related methods
Inventor(s): Todd Jenkins, Ron Allison, Claudio Sibata
Issued: March 25, 2008
Abstract: A three-dimensional phantom assembly for use with a radiation treatment device includes a three-dimensional support member having at least two, spaced apart opposed surfaces configured to hold at least one generally planar radiation sensitive dosimeter sheet such that the dosimeter sheet generally conforms to a shape defined by the two opposed surfaces. During irradiation, a radiation beam trajectory passes through the two opposed surfaces. Related systems methods for determining a radiation isocenter and/or generating a 3-D visualization of the radiation isocenter using radiation patterns obtained using a phantom are also described.



U.S. Patent No. 7,031,922
Methods and devices for enhancing fluency in persons who stutter employing visual speech gestures
Inventor(s): Joseph Kalinowski, Andrew Stuart, Michael Rastatter
Issued: April 18, 2006
Abstract: Methods, devices, and computer program products display visual choral speech to a patient who stutters or has a speech impediment or impairment as a visual stimulus for the patient to enhance the fluency of the patient. The visual choral speech is incongruous with the speech produced by the stutterer and is provided by a visual display of the articulatory movements of a person other than the patient (or a simulated representation thereof) of the person's lips and mouth as the person speaks. The visual speech gestures can be displayed to the patient in advance of a speaking event or speech production by the stutterer and/or concurrently with a speaking event (either intermittently or continuous during the speaking event). The visual choral speech gestures can be based on a string of coherent words to provide the visual speech gestures signal such that it is relayed to the user without the attendant auditory component allowing the user to speak at a substantially normal pace with enhanced fluency.


U.S. Patent No. 6,916,291
Systems, methods and products for diagnostic hearing assessments distributed via the use of a computer network
Inventor(s): Gregg Givens, David Balch, Timothy Murphy, Adrian Blanarovich, Patrick Keller
Issued: July 12, 2005
Abstract: The systems, methods and associated devices performing diagnostic hearing tests which use a computer network to allow interaction between a test administration site and one or a plurality of remote patient sites. The test can be administered by an audiologist or clinician at a site remote from the patient, in a manner, which can allow interaction between the user and the clinician during at least a portion of the administration of the test. The diagnostic hearing tests can be performed such that they meet standardized guidelines such as ANSI requirements or certification standards and can include distortion product emission level measurements or middle ear compliance measurements.

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