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   Fun Facts

   Thomas Edison received 1,093 
   patents in his 60-year career.

   Leonardo da Vinci never built 
   the inventions he designed.

   In 1879, Auguste Bartholdi 
   received a design patent for 
   the Statue of Liberty

   The first fax process was 
   patented in 1843.

   The first photo camera 
   took 8 hours to take a 
   photo, during which you 
   would need to remain still.

   The first patent for the life 
   boat goes back to 1845.

   Many think the first mouse 
   was invented in 1970 at 
   Xerox PARC. However, the 
   first mouse was invented 
   by Douglas Engelbart in 1963. 
   It was a wooden shell with 
   two metal wheels.

   Around 1495 
   Leonardo da Vinci sketched 
   plans for a humanoid robot.

   Alan Turing releases his paper 
   "On Computable Numbers" 
   which begins the computer 

   After being first introduced 
   in 2002, the popular Roomba 
   robotic vacuum cleaner has 
   sold over 2.5 million units, 
   proving that there is a strong 
   demand for this type of 
   domestic robotic technology.

   The technology contained in 
   a single game boy unit in 2000 
   exceeds all the computing power 
   that was used to put the first 
   man on the moon in 1969.



     Division of Research & Graduate Studies  
       and the National Academy of  Inventors® 
        2013 Celebration of 
         I n n o v a t i o n   Event
2013 NAI C Lobby 2
                Networking ECHI Lobby      

                 Dr. Rachel Roper

                Dr. Gregg Givens 

                 Dr. Darrell Neufer 

                 Dr. Andrew Stuart  

Middle School Innovators
   ECU Middle School Innovators Academy

Pitt Pirates Robotics Team
                  First Team®2642-
              Pitt Pirates Robotic Team








East Carolina University
recognized inventors and local
young innovators during its 2013
Celebration of Innovation at the
East Carolina Heart Institute on 
Wednesday, April 3rd.

The well-attended event, which
was hosted by the Office of
Technology Transfer, honored
those ECU inventors that
received issued U.S. patents
during 2012 and recognized
inventors being inducted into
the National Academy of Inventors
(NAI), of which ECU is a charter
 Inventors recognized 
during the ceremony were:
Dr. Ethan Anderson, 
Dr. Gregg Givens, 
Dr. Joseph Kalinowski,
Dr. Darrell Neufer,
Dr. Michael Rastatter,
Dr. Rachel Roper, and
Dr. Andrew Stuart.

New inductees into the NAI
Dr. Roper,
Dr. Neufer and
Dr. Anderson.

Dr. George Newkome,
Chief Research Officer and
President and CEO of the
University of Akron Research
Foundation, delivered a moving
keynote address that highlighted
the process of innovation he
followed during his career as a
chemist. Dr. Newkome noted how
observations of simple patterns
in nature influenced his research
leading to multiple patented

A new addition to this year’s
event was the recognition of
local student innovators and the 
mentors and sponsors that made
their accomplishments possible.
Graduates of the ECU Middle
School Innovators Academy led
by Wayne Godwin and advised
by Debbie Huggins and Jane
Austen Behan were recognized
first. Two robotics teams that
competed in local and national
competitions were then
acknowledged. The First Team®
2642 – Pitt Pirates robotic team
comprised of students from across
Pitt County and mentored by
Bill McClung and John Gresham
were represented well at event.

The team demonstrated their
robot’s Frisbee launching
capabilities prior to the ceremony.

Finally, the ECU ATMAE Robot
Competition team advised by 
Amy Frank and Jimmy Linn were
recognized for outstanding student 
achievement and their dedication 
to innovation. This team placed
second in a national challenge
competition in Nashville, TN last 
November. The event afforded
attendees the opportunity to 
network with the students, the
honorees, and some of ECU’s most
notable inventors.

Mark Foley, Interim Director of the
Office of Technology Transfer,
officiated. Dr. Ted Morris, Associate
Vice Chancellor of Innovation and
Development welcomed the guests.
Dr. Ron Mitchelson, Interim
Vice Chancellor of Research and
Graduate Studies, introduced the
program with some well-researched
facts on Akron and its history.

Sponsors who graciously supported
this event included Myers, Bigel,
Sibley and Sajovec, P.A., Pitt County
Development Commission, North
Carolina’s Eastern
Region, and the N
orth Carolina Biotechnology Center.
Gifts were donated by ECU Business
Services, Office Depot, Staples, and
University Advancement. 

Mark Foley,
Licensing Associate


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