Division of Research and Graduate Studies
Office of Technology Transfer

ECU Start-Up Companies

Entegrion Therapeutics, Inc.
79 TW Alexander Dr.

4401 Research Commons, Suite 200

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Phone: 919-536-1500

Fax: 919-536-1700


Entegrion is a therapeutics development company focused on the science of hemostasis. Entegrion was co-founded in 2002, by Dr. Art Bode from ECU’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Dr. Tom Fischer from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



Janus Development Group, Inc.
112 Staton Rd.
Greenville, NC 27834
Phone: 252-551-9042
Fax: 252-413-0950
Janus Development Group, Inc. is a North Carolina corporation that was established in 2000, to coordinate the development and sales promotions of assistive living devices. Janus’ current focus of interest is an anti-stuttering device conceived by Dr.’s Joseph Kaliowski, Andrew Stuart, and Michael Rastatter from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.