Allied Health Majors

The Allied Health field is rapidly expanding and in correlation, so is the College of Allied Health Sciences at East Carolina, which is largest College of Allied Health in the state of North Carolina.

The programs offered at ECU, both on the undergraduate and graduate level, are very competitive so it is necessary to do well academically in order to be admitted. The minimum gpa required for most of the undergraduate programs is a 2.5; however, making the minimum grades will not guarantee you admission. The minimum gpa required for most of the graduate programs is a 3.0. However, because the programs are so competitive it is typically necessary to have a higher grade point average to be accepted into any of the programs.

If you have additional questions regarding any of the programs in Allied Health please e-mail:

If you are already assigned to Mr. Coutouzis, Mrs. Gauthier, or Mrs. McAllister for advising, you may schedule an appointment via the Online Appointment Calendar in Onestop. If you are not assigned to one of our advisors, please call 252.328.6001 to schedule an appointment.