Health Professions Committee

The Health Professions Committee is comprised of faculty from the sciences, mathematics, health education, the Career Center, the Honors College, and Pre-Professional Advising. The purpose of the committee is to review application materials, and interview prospective applicants to dental and medical school to provide them with a letter of recommendation from the institution. Many dental and medical schools require this process, while others strongly recommend it.

The minimum academic requirements for participation in the ECU Health Professions Committee are:

Minimum overall 3.0 gpa, and minimum 3.0 science gpa
Minimum score of 22 before 2015, or 494 after 2015 on the MCAT
Minimum score of 16 on the DAT (Academic Average and Total Science)

If a student is told not to apply to a professional school by his/her advisor, he/she will not be granted an interview with the committee.

All documents required for participation must be submitted to the Pre-Professional Advising Center by October 1st. This is to ensure that letters will be completed before medical school deadlines.

In order to participate in the Health Professions Committee interview, students must submit the following documents to the Pre-Professional Advising Center:

  • Applicant Profile Form
  • Statement of Understanding
  • Request to Send Recommendation Letters
  • 3 Faculty Evaluations and letters of recommendation (two of which must come from science faculty with whom the student had a class or did research)
  • Copy of the professional school application
  • Standardized Test Scores (MCAT, DAT, PCAT, etc)

The above forms can be found on the Pre-Professional Advising website ( under “Committee Letter.”

Interviews are conducted in the summer (May/June/July) and fall (September/October). Once all documents are received for an applicant, he/she will be contacted to schedule an interview. Interviews last approximately 30 minutes. All students are asked the same questions to maintain a level of equality. After the interview, the committee will collectively write the letter and it will be uploaded or mailed appropriately. The student will then be contacted by a committee interview for a follow-up meeting.