Health Services Management

The Degree

The Health Services Management major provides students the skills to function as supervisors and mid-level managers in health care. With some additional coursework, graduates are also prepared for application to master's programs in Allied Health, such as Physical or Occupation Therapy or the Physician Assistant program. In the major, students study health-care delivery systems and reimbursement, health-care quality management, law, budgeting, management and personnel supervision.

Work Settings

Employment sites include hospitals, ambulatory care centers, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, health research and clinical trial firms, home health care agencies, and physician group practices.

Admission / Prerequisites

Admission requires an overall 2.5 gpa and minimum grade of "C" in all prerequisite courses. However, meeting the minimum requirements does not ensure admission. Applications are due by February 1st each year for the next fall. Although the minimum gpa requirement is a 2.5, admission is competitive. Typically, 60 students are accepted each year. The lowest gpa accepted over the last three years has been a 3.0, and the average gpa has been a 3.5.

Principles of Human Anatomy & Physiology - Biol 2130/2131 or Biol 2140/2141 & 2150/2151

College Algebra - Math 1065 (must have a C or better to be eligible to apply)

Statistics - Bios 1500, Math 2228, Math 2283, or Psyc 2101

Medical Terminology - Hima 3000

Professional Roles and Environments in Health Care - Hsma 2000


Application for the program (application will reopen in December)

Health Services Management Website

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