Professionalism Certificate

The Professionalism Certificate Program is a new initiative, offered by Pre-Professional Advising and the Career Center, designed to assist students in the strengthening of their professional skills and preparedness for applying to medical school, dental school, and other health-professions programs. Students participating in this program will complete a series of activities and attend workshops relevant to their educational and career goals.

What are the benefits?

By engaging in the required activities, students will enhance their professional skills which will make them better candidates for professional schools. Students who complete the program will be able to list it on their resumes. Completion of the program may set students apart from others when applying for internships, summer programs, and future education and employment.

Who is eligible to participate?

This program is designed for sophomores and above with a minimum 2.5 gpa.

Eligible students may apply in September or January.

Professionalism Certificate Brochure

Professionalism Certificate Application  (deadline is October 1st)