Shadowing Program

Program Overview

The Primary Care Physician Shadowing (PCPS) Program is sponsored by the Brody School of Medicine and the Center for Pre-Professional Advising. The PCPS Program exposes students to five areas of primary care medicine by pairing them with primary care physicians at five different clinical locations during a five-week time period.

Many of today’s primary care physicians have stated that primary care experiences early in their premedical education affected their decisions to pursue careers in primary care. The PCPS Program supports the mission of the Brody School of Medicine which includes promoting primary care physicians, and it provides experiences for the students participating in the program that may help them clarify their future career paths.

Additionally, medical schools are increasingly looking for evidence that applicants have a realistic understanding of the various roles of physicians through shadowing and volunteer experiences in a clinical or hospital setting. Clinical exposure opportunities can be difficult to find and intimidating for students; however, the PCPS Program will provide clinical exposure opportunities in scheduled weekly rotations. By participating in the PCPS Program, students will experience a work environment where timeliness, professionalism, and customer service are important elements in the life of a physician.

Goals of the Program

The shadowing experience includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Observation in the treatment of patients
  • Observation of office/hospital functions and management
  • Observation of diagnostic procedures and use of medical equipment
  • Observation of healthcare teams

Student Learning Goals/Objectives

  1. The student will gain awareness of current healthcare issues and needs in eastern North Carolina.
  2. The student will understand the daily activities of primary care physicians.
  3. The student will observe physician/patient interactions and problem-solving skills.
  4. The student will develop an understanding of and adhere to professional ethics, etiquette, communication, and patient confidentiality.
  5. The student will develop an appreciation of the roles and responsibilities of the healthcare team.

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