Pre-optometry advising is available to current ECU students through the Center for Pre-Professional Advising.

ECU students are assigned a primary advisory who will guide them through their major and course selections. When students register with the Pre-Professional Advising Center and indicate that they plan to work towards optometry school, they will also be assigned a pre-professional advisor as a secondary resource. The pre-professional advisor will help the student determine a timeline for completing the pre-optometry prerequisites and preparing for the optometry school application process. As ECU does not have an optometry program it is important that students research their options and specific requirements early.

Students must first submit an application through OtpomCAS, the centralized application service for Optometry Schools.

Required documents:

    Transcripts for all attended colleges and universities
     OAT scores
     Personal Statement
    Letters of Evaluation

Visit How to Apply on OptomCas for more information.

Common Prerequisites

Anatomy & Physiology w/labs - BIOL 2140/2141, 2150/2151

Biochemistry – Chem 2770/2771

Calculus – Math 2121 or 2171

General Chemistry with labs - CHEM 1150, 1151 / CHEM 1160, 1161

Organic Chemistry with labs - CHEM 2750, 2753 / CHEM 2760, 2763

Microbiology -- BIOL 2110, 2111

Psychology – Psyc 1000 (some schools require an additional Psyc)

Statistics – Bios 1500, or Math 2228, or 2283

Compilation of specific prerequisites at all US Optometry Programs