Pre-pharmacy advising is available to current ECU students through the Center for Pre-Professional Advising. ECU students are assigned a primary advisory who will guide them through their major and course selections. When students register with the Pre-Professional Advising Center and indicate that they plan to work towards pharmacy school, they will also be assigned a pre-professional advisor as a secondary resource. The pre-professional advisor will help the student determine a timeline for completing the pre-pharmacy prerequisites and preparing for the pharmacy school application process. As ECU does not have a pharmacy program it is important that students research their options and specific requirements early. ECU does offer Pre-Pharmacy students the option to obtain a BA in Chemistry (which includes all the necessary requirements for Pharmacy school) in three years.

BA Chemistry - Pre-Pharmacy Accelerated Track

The PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) is requirement for admission:

Specific information and course requirements are listed on the Pharmacy College Application Service website: This is also the application portal through which students will apply.

Common Prerequisites

General Biology with labs - BIOL 1100, 1101 / Biol 1200, 1201, or Biol 1150, 1151

General Chemistry with labs - CHEM 1150, 1151 / CHEM 1160, 1161

Organic Chemistry with labs - CHEM 2750, 2753 / CHEM 2760, 2763

General Physics with lab - PHYS 1250, 1251

Calculus- MATH 2119, MATH 2121 or MATH 2171

Foreign Language - Through level 1003

Microbiology, Anatomy, Genetics - BIOL 2110, 2111 or BIOL 3220, 3221 or BIOL 2130, 2131 or BIOL 2300

Medical Terminology - Hima 3000