Rehabilitation Studies


The Rehabilitation Services degree prepares students to work with individuals receiving social or mental rehabilitation and related services through public or private organizations. Rehabilitation Services has nothing to do with physical rehabilitation.

Working successfully with individuals who have physical and/or mental disabilities, or substance abuse problems requires good communication skills, a strong interest in working with others, and willingness to participate in the rehabilitation process as a team member.

Employment Opportunities

Employment titles and roles within rehabilitation service programs include: work adjustment coordinator, rehabilitation technician, job placement specialist, substance abuse worker, vocational evaluator assistant, mental health technician, independent living coordinator, supported employment specialists, job coach, and case manager. Employment opportunities can be found in a vast array of public and private agencies.

Alcohol & Drug Studies Minor

Students interested in getting a masters in Substance Abuse Counseling may want to consider the minor in Alcohol & Drug Studies.

Alcohol & Drug Minor requirements

Admission / Prerequisites

Admission requires an overall 2.5 ECU gpa (transfer work is not considered)

Applications are due by September 15th and February 15th each year (students may only apply twice)

Applicants must be close to completing their 42 hours of Foundation Curriculum courses before applying

Application for the program

Rehabilitation Services Website

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