Step-by-Step Process of the Health Professional School Committee

Below are step-by-step instructions for participation in the Health Professional Committee (HPC) review process. Please contact the Pre-Professional Advising Center if you have questions, or (252) 328-6001.  Best wishes with the application process!

In order to to participate in the review process and receive a letter of recommendation from the HPC, students must submit all documents required for an interview by October 1st.  This is to ensure that the committee has time to write and submit your letter by November 1st. If you have an earlier deadline it is your responsibility to plan accordingly.

Minimum academic requirements for participation:

All students must have a minimum 3.0 overall gpa, and a minimum 3.0 science gpa. Students applying to Medical School must have a minimum 494 MCAT score. Students applying to Dental School must have a minimum 16 DAT score (Academic Average and Total Science).

If a student is told by their Pre-Professional Advisor not to apply to professional school but does so anyway, the student will not be granted an interview during that application cycle.

Special consideration can be made for students applying to schools with more lenient requirements and later deadlines.

Step 1
Register with the Pre-Professional Advising Center by completing the Applicant Profile Form.  This can be completed online and emailed to the PPAC:, or returned to our office (2500 Old Cafeteria).
Step 2
Read and sign the Statement of Understanding Form and submit it to our office for your file. We must have your signature on the form, but you are free to mail, e-mail (if scanned), or drop it off. Do not worry about the items listed at the bottom if you haven't turned them in. We will use the form to check them off as they are submitted.
Step 3
Select faculty members to complete your evaluations.  You will need a total of three faculty evaluations:
    2 in the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, and/or physics), specifically those that taught you the prerequisite science courses (or higher level). Letters of recommendation will not be accepted from graduate assistants. Recommenders must be full faculty members.
    1 additional faculty evaluation -- this could be someone from your major, or any other professor with who you have had a class or done research.

    Provide each faculty member with the Faculty Evaluation Form and a deadline date (be sure to give them plenty of time to complete the form and do not ask at the last minute).   The faculty will need to send the completed evaluation electronically, along with a letter of recommendation, to our office.  This can be sent directly to the PPAC: Faculty letters must be on either personal of professional letterhead and contain the letter writer's signature (electronic signatures are acceptable, but we will not accept typed names as a signature).
Step 4
Complete your centralized application (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc.) and submit a copy to the PPAC.  This can be sent electronically (save as a pdf) to .  This will include your academic history, volunteer, shadowing, and work history, MCAT or other standardized test scores, and personal statement.  If you are interviewing before the application portal is open, you must submit a detailed resume and personal statement to the PPAC. *We must have this information before we will set up an interview with you.
Step 5
When completing your centralized application, you will create a slot for your committee letter under "Letters of Evaluation." Please list Ms. Rachel Person as the letter writer and enter her contact information. Generate the letter request form through AMCAS or AADSAS. For AMCAS you will need to save a copy as a pdf and e-mail it to  AADSAS will electronically send us the letter request after you have completed your committee letter slot. These forms provide us with the information we need to upload your letter to your application.
Step 6
Once your file is complete (Application Profile form, 3 faculty evaluations,  professional school application, and test scores) we will contact you to schedule an interview.
TIP: Prepare for your interview by working with someone from the Career Services

*Interviews are tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Friday afternoons in May, June, and July, and September and October.  The deadline for participation is October 1st.  All documents and faculty evaluations must be submitted to us by October 1st to receive an interview. If Thursday or Friday afternoons do not work with your schedule, we will try to make other accommodations.
Step 7
After the interview is complete and the committee letter is returned to us, we will submit your letter(s) where ever you so designate.  For more information on the details of submitting letters, please refer to the AMCAS website at,
or the AADSAS website:
Step 8
You should receive electronic confirmation from AMCAS or AADSAS once your letter has been received.
Step 9
After your letter is written, someone from your interview committee will contact you for a follow-up. Your overall evaluation will not be shared with you, but the committee member can provide you with feedback regarding what the committee liked and think you should emphasize, and if there is anything you can improve upon.

Please keep us posted on your status!