Student Profiles
Rudy Oxendine
Rudolph Oxendine, Pre-Dental

This Pirate says shadowing was most beneficial to his acceptance to dental school. Shadowing allowed him to observe patient-dentist interactions and the compassion that is involved in the dental profession. This shadowing paid off because he will begin dental school this fall.

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Mary-Grace Kelly
Mary-Grace Kelly, Pre-OT

This future Occupational Therapist suggests pre-professional students enjoy their time in undergrad and get involved in organizations associated with their intended profession. She credits her involvement in organizations for providing shadowing and volunteering opportunities.

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Jessie Tucci-Herron, Pre-Med

This future doctor recommends taking time to prepare for the application process in advance and expose yourself to medicine. The application process can be extensive, so it is helpful to find people who are motivated and applying at the same time.

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Ryan Stitt, Pre-Dental

This pre-dental student encourages all pre-professional students to become involved in service and volunteering events as much as possible. Keeping a running log of his involvement was helpful when it came time to complete his dental school application. His involvement paid off, he will begin dental school this fall.

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Peri Ange, Pre-Dental

This future dentist recommends starting the application process early and becoming involved in organizations and volunteering. These experiences benefited her application and interviews, and is considered her most rewarding experience at ECU

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