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EPPC Report

In mid-February (2011) and in light of the budget crisis, Chancellor Ballard charged the Educational Policies and Planning Committee to develop two preliminary reports, with separate, but interrelated objectives:

    1. define criteria for potential prioritization of programs, departments, units, schools, and colleges; and
    2. develop a list of potential consolidation options of colleges, schools, and/or departments that may reduce administrative costs with minimal or no losses of faculty and staff positions.

These EPPC reports represent very initial drafts of modifiable options intended to 1) address potential tangible and quantifiable methods for prioritizing academic areas, and 2) present potential consolidation scenarios that result in administrative cost savings while protecting faculty/staff positions as well as the academic core of the University. Chancellor Ballard also emphasized to the EPPC that his intent was to avoid implementing consolidation procedures unless absolutely necessary.

pdficonPreface to EPPC Reports

pdficonPrioritization Criteria - EPPC Preliminary Report

pdficonConsolidation Options - EPPC Preliminary Report

pdficonAddendum (Feedback) to EPPC Reports