Office of Engagement, Innovation and Economic Development
ECU's Entrepreneurial Initiative

Innov8r Series Course 1, Protecting Intellectual Property Panel
Above (from left to right): Kenneth Sibley, Brad Griffin, Travis Hargett, Timothy Romack


Fall 2006 Series


Course One   Protecting Intellectual Property                                       Sponsors

Nov 30 2006    Patent, Trademarks, Copyrights                                           Myers Bigel

                        Trade secrets

                         Legal structures


Spring 2007 Series


Course Two   “You have an idea, now what?”                                       NC Biotech

Jan 30 2007     Market assessment & research                                               Center

                         Identifying venture opportunities

                         Protection of the idea

                         Technology & business feasibility checklist


Course Three Early financial sources and assessment                         NC Eastern

Mar 27 2007      Term sheets & Capitalization                                                   Region 

                          Loans, Grants, and Angels

                          Budgeting short–term and long-term

                          Milestones and building value

Innov8r Series 


Course Four  Building a prototype and technical assessment            NC Eastern

                        Industrial designer                                                                    Region

                        Plastics & medical devices


                        Software & service systems


Course Five  Stage 2 of Market Assessment

                        Customer input & testing

                        Production and costing




Course Six     Building a team and finishing the BP

                        Recruiting and HR

                        Stock options

                        Management and organization plan

                        Creating an Executive Summary   


Course Seven Equity investment & deal structure

                           Valuing a business

                           Return on investment

                           Presentations and finding money


Course Eight  Strategies for Launch

                         Start a business or partner

                         Expand a business

                         Sell IP