The Graduate Graduation Process

Meet With Your Student

You are encouraged to meet with student at least one semester before graduation. At this meeting, a Degree Evaluation will be processed in the Banner system in addition to the completion the Graduate Summary Form

The Graduate Summary

The purpose of the Graduate Summary is to provide a record of remaining requirements for graduation and to eliminate last minute errors.The catalog you are following will be used to determine the requirements for graduation.

The CAPP Degree Evaluation

The purpose of the CAPP degree evaluation on Banner Self Service is to provide an advising tool outlining specific degree requirements for graduation and show student academic progress.

After reviewing the degree evaluation and graduate summary form, you will sign the form along with your student. A signed form may be sent to your academic department for review. The forms should be sent to the Graduation Services Office in the Office of the Registrar. The official review of the graduate summary will be processed by the Graduation Services office. If there is an error or omission, the student and advisor will be notified.

Questions can be referred to the Amy Bissette at