Form Revision Date Description
Address and Name Change Form 2/18/15 Name and/or address change form
Change of Major Form 2/18/15 Change of major and/or minor course of study
Diploma Replacement Form
5/12/15 Diploma replacement order form
Dual and Second Degree Form
2/18/15 Dual and second degree students
Enrollment Verification Form
11/5/15 Enrollment verification form
Exam Schedule Change Form
2/18/15 Request to change examination schedule
Grade Raise Form
2/18/15 Request to raise grade of C
Grade Replacement Form
2/18/15 Grade replacement form
Grade Sheet Request Form
Form to request a Grade Sheet to be mailed to your permanent address on file.
Graduate Credit by Exam Form 1/13/16 Graduate Student Permit Credit by Examination Form
Permission to Take Courses at a Foreign University or College Form
2/16/15 Permission for undergraduate to take courses from foreign institutions (including study abroad)
Permission to Take Courses at a US University or College Form
2/16/15 Permission for undergraduates to take courses from U.S. colleges/universities other than East Carolina University
Request for Re-evaluation of Transfer Credit Form
4/06/15 Request for re-evaluation of course which transferred "by title"
Schedule Reinstatement Form
2/18/15 Request for schedule reinstatement
Student Academic Appellate Committee
11/5/15 Petition to the Student Academic Appellate Committee
Transcript Request Form
2/18/15 Transcript Request Form that can be mailed in
Undergraduate Credit by Exam Form 12/15/15 Undergraduate Student Permit for credit by examination
Verification of Non-Attendance Form
2/16/15 Verification of non-attendance
Withdrawal Form
10/28/15 Term withdrawal form