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Interdisciplinary Research Awards

Interdisciplinary Research Awards (IRA) are seed grants to support interdisciplinary research projects leading to competitive applications for extramural funding. The purpose of this program is to promote collaborations between faculty members with complementary expertise, build strong investigative teams, and increase competitiveness for extramural funding from diverse sources. Proposals must incorporate significant roles for at least two faculty members (tenured or tenure track) from different departments; a well-defined research plan; and a clearly articulated plan for obtaining extramural funding to sustain the research following the award period. Projects that align with ECU priorities, bring together faculty members with diverse expertise to better understand significant problems facing the region and society, and exhibit potential for translation of the research findings into discrete interventions will be given preference. Projects that link faculty from Academic Affairs and Health Sciences are also a priority. In FY2017, there were 11/25 applications funded for a total of $145,000.

Call for Proposals and Guidelines For 17-18


Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Award Winners

This annual grant program funds innovative collaborative research between at least two investigators at ECU from different fields of study. The goal is to collect enough preliminary data to write a competitive submission to extramural granting agencies. You can find all award winners here.
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