Undergraduate Research Directors Council

Undergraduate Research (UR) is self-directed or -designed academic work by an individual student or team of students that addresses a research question with the expectation of a scholarly or creative product intended for publication or presentation on or off campus. Students undertake this work with a faculty mentor for at least one academic term or intensive summer, through which students learn and assume their roles as researchers and creators.







Materials from Retreat:

Retreat Presentations

Presentations by First Cohort of Undergraduate Research Program Awardees:

Kelsie Bernot, NC A&T, Community Engagement as a Mechanism for Integrated Learning in Undergraduate Research Experiences

Deanna Dannels, NCSU, Facilitating Equity and Access: Humanities and Social Sciences Scholars Planning Institute (NC State and Winston Salem State)

Lee Phillips, UNC-G, A Summary of the UNC System-Wide CURE Summit

Chris Thomas and Sarah Shoemaker, NCSSM, Scaling the Impact and Accessibility of Research Opportunities with Advising, Interdisciplinary Instruction, and Student Collaboration

Facilitated Breakout Sessions (Notes)

Lee Phillips, UNC-G, Assessment of UR Programs

Tonya Hargett, NC A&T, Diversity and Inclusion in UR-Best Practices (ppt)

Joi Walker, ECU, Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences