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Financial Administration



University Level:  Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

  • Nearly all sponsors award grants and contracts to the University on behalf of the program director/principal investigator. Sponsors want an institution to be the stewards (fiscal agent) for the awarded funds and to report to them on the use of the funds. The federal government, in particular, has many rules about how its funds can or cannot be used. At ECU the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration is primarily responsible for the accounting of grant and contract funds. For more information you can contact them at 328-9521 or click on the link above.


Unit Level

  • Each department in the larger colleges/schools and in the Dean's office in smaller units usually has one or two support individuals (often they are administrative assistants) who handle the day-to-day bookkeeping, ordering of supplies and other administrative activities of grants and contracts.  Be sure to identify this person in your unit and begin a dialogue.