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Hiring Help


Student Help

  • Funding:   Include requests for the support of graduate assistants and other student helpers in your grant or contract proposals.  There is very limited University support available for hiring students especially graduate assistants to work on faculty projects.  See unit head about the availability of such support in your unit. 
  • Procedure:   Hiring students (either undergraduate or graduate) to be research or project assistants is usually straight forward and is accomplished through your unit's administrative assistant who will complete the needed paperwork.  Graduate assistants will need to sign a contract. Use the form developed by the Graduate School. See contract template.


Hiring Full or Part-time staff for projects

  • Employees at the University are classified as either EPA (Exempt from Personnel Act) and SPA (Subject to Personnel Act).  EPA employees include faculty and other professional level individuals.  SPA are support personnel.  The hiring procedures for each class differs, so work with your unit administrative assistant on all hirings.   For most time limited projects, the use of temporary hiring appointments may be the way to go.  As long as you have a source of funds, such hirings are much more expedient than permanent positions.

Paying Consultants

  • Project Consultants who will only be devoting a very limited amount of time to a project may be compensated through professional services contracts through Purchasing (Materials Management) rather than being hired as an employee.  Consult with your unit administrator.