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Technology Resources


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Eastern Carolina Dataset Project

A collection of demographic, socio-economic and educational data/statistics for the 41 counties in eastern NC to aid faculty preparing proposals

Statistical Software and Consulting Assistance

High Performance Computing Resources
The SGI Altrix 4700 is the latest addition to ECU's continuing high-performance computing (HPC) and research computing efforts.  Our other HPC machines SGI Prism and Origin 350 computers with hardware and software solutions specifically optimized for complex technical research computing tasks, the 4700 has 64-CPUs, high I/O and system bandwidth, a terabyte of shared memory capacity, 14 terabytes of storage, and extensive graphics capabilities. These all combine to make the 4700 a powerful resource for solving large, complex problems as well as providing easy integration with educational visualization and data management.

To apply for an account on the SGI Origin 350, go to

Center for Geographic Information Science
The Center for Geographic Information Science at East Carolina University provides an organizational structure and a central facility for the purposes of enhancing research, instructional, and outreach activities that deal with creation and use of geographically referenced data.

The Geographic Information Science Center has the capacity to function as a laboratory, classroom, or host a variety of workshops.  


ECU supports advanced videoconferencing for compelling collaborative sessions and teaching and learning experiences for faculty , staff, and students by connecting them to other domestic and international supercomputing centers, and science and engineering laboratories in "persistent electronic spaces".