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Pre-Proposal Selection Process

Some agencies or programs limit the number of proposals an institution may submit.  The Research Division has implemented the following procedures for selecting which proposals will be submitted when proposals are limited:

Situations requiring University selection of proposals:

  • The External Sponsor limits the number of submissions from a single institution, e.g., the NSF Major Research Instrument Program
  • The External Sponsor requests that the University select proposals that it wishes to support in its grant competitions, e.g., Golden LEAF, Inc. Annual Grant Program, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Grant Programs.   

Selection Process:  Two Cases
Common limited submission grant programs:

  • The Division will issue a request for pre-proposals from interested faculty.
  • Pre-proposals will be peer reviewed for merit by an ECU faculty panel. 
  • Applicants with selected pre-proposals will be asked to prepare a full proposal for submission to the sponsor.
  • Faculty identified limited submission grant programs:
  • The faculty member identifies a less well known limited submission grant program and is interested in submitting an application. The faculty member should contact ASAP either Faculty Research Development Services (see below) or the Office of Sponsored Programs
  • The Division will then issue a general call for letters of intent for the grant program and state that a faculty group has already expressed an interest in the opportunity.
  • If additional letters of intent are received, pre-proposals will be requested and the review process described above will be initiated.  Otherwise, the identifying faculty member may proceed with his application.

Staff Contacts

Alan A. Schreier PhD
Director, Program Development
1502 Greenville Centre
2200 South Charles Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
252-328-9470 (office)
252-328-2769 (fax)

Ernie Marshburn
Director of Strategic Initiatives
1504 Greenville Centre
2200 South Charles Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
252-328-9014 (office)
252-328-2769 (fax)