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Finishing Up

Tying up important loose ends


Final Reports

Remember to complete and submit any required reports to your project sponsors: internal AND external. Check the terms and conditions of your award. Many sponsors will not consider any continuation funding for your project if the reports are not submitted. The Office of Sponsored Programs is available to answer your questions.

Common Required Reports: 

  • Project Accomplishments (technical report) 
  •  Financial Report (the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration will provide this report to external sponsors) 
  •  Invention Report (required for federal grants & contracts)


Data and Research Records: Retention/Archiving

ECU Data and Records Management Policy


  • Retention
    Most sponsors require you to keep your data and research records for a period of time after the completion of the project. Check your award document's terms and conditions for the required retention time. However, the minimum retention time according to ECU policy is 3 years if there are no other situations that would require longer retention, e.g., protecting patents, human subjects protections, legal & quasi-legal proceedings.
  • Ownership
    In most circumstances, the University owns the physical records of your project (as opposed to the intellectual content of the records). However, you have numerous rights concerning its disposition and access. 
  • Custody
    The faculty principle investigator will usually have custody of the records. The University may at any time requests its transfer to another custodian.

Laboratory Close Out

It is ECU policy that when you move or close out your current laboratory space, safe disposal or disposition of its chemicals and equipment must be made. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety will assist you. Please view their Laboratory Safety web site for more information.