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Visit to Program Sponsors


  • Introduction: Knowledge of the needs and preferences of external funding agencies is critical in the development of competitive grant applications. This information is best obtained through visits to the sponsors and attendance at regional sponsor conferences. Visits and conference attendance also provide faculty with contacts to start useful dialogues with agency program directors. Toward this end, Division staff will help faculty members arrange agency visits and, for faculty groups will arrange and escort individual groups to visit potential sponsors in Washington DC and similar areas.
  • Initiation of Travel Assistance: Contact Division Staff, either Alan Schreier or Ernie Marshburn.
  • Structure: Small groups of faculty with similar interests may be escorted by a Division staff person to visit one or more agencies in Washington DC. Division staff, in conjunction with the faculty, will identify agencies and program officers for the visit and will make the appropriate arrangements. Faculty will be expected to prepare for the visits. Similarly, faculty who attend regional agency seminars, e.g., NIH or NSF regional seminars must prepare for these encounters.
  • Travel: For group trips, staff will arrange hotel rooms and university auto transportation for faculty who wish to participate. Individuals may make their own travel arrangements.
  • Funding: If a group will be traveling together by university auto, the Division will cover the cost of the vehicle. The faculty members will be responsible for securing funding for their hotel, per diem, and alternative transportation where needed. In our experience departments and colleges have been very willing to support such trips by their faculty. 

Staff Contacts

Alan A. Schreier PhD
Director, Program Development
1502 Greenville Centre
2200 South Charles Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
252-328-9470 (office)
252-328-2769 (fax)

Ernie Marshburn
Director of Strategic Initiatives
1504 Greenville Centre
2200 South Charles Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
252-328-9014 (office)
252-328-2769 (fax)