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Conflicts of Interest 


Conflict of Interest Application ( via pirate port)


Research faculty and their institution may develop relationships with external entities during the course of their professional activities that raise actual or potential conflicts of interest and commitment. Such conflicts are common in any active academic research enterprise and can be viewed as a sign of success for the institution and its faculty. The relationships that engender the conflicts may also have many beneficial aspects for the research enterprise, the institution and the public. However when they exist, conflicts must be managed properly to maintain faculty professional objectivity, the integrity of research process, and professional and academic standards.


The University of North Carolina System policies on conflicts of interest (COI) and East Carolina University (ECU) Policy, Rules, and Regulations (PRR) “Individual COI and Commitment Including External Activities for Pay” requires all EPA employees and other employees as applicable to annually complete a COI disclosure.  ECU has created an online COI app to enable employees to easily complete their COI disclosure and for EPA employees to submit a notice of intent to engage in external professional activities for pay (EPAP).  This online COI app is available at the employee’s Pirate Port.


To assist employees with completing their COI disclosures, ECU has the following documents available:


COI and EPAP FAQ – A word document with frequently asked questions about COI and EPAP.

EPAP decision tree – A PDF file to help determine if a notice of intent to engage in EPAP is needed.

COI Help – A word document with explanations of the COI questions to help with the COI disclosure.


For research funded by the Public Health Service (PHS), there are Federal regulations that require institutions to have policies and procedures in place that ensure that Investigators disclose any significant financial interest that may present an actual or potential conflict of interest in relationship to externally sponsored projects.  Such disclosures must be made prior to the submission of the proposal for funding, and institutions must develop specific mechanisms by which conflicts of interest will be satisfactorily manages, reduced, or eliminated prior to the expenditure of any funds on an award. In addition, this disclosure should be updated annually or when there is a change in the information being disclosed.  If a new reportable significant conflict of interest arises at any time during the period after the submission of the proposal through the period of the award, the filing of a disclosure is also required.


In accordance with Federal Regulations, a complete disclosure must be made by each investigator prior to the submission of the proposal. Prior disclosure of any potential conflict of interest is required of all Individuals; however, at a minimum the University shall require disclosures in the following instances:


·         Prior to submission of proposals for sponsored projects or acceptance of awards, Individuals shall indicate as to whether or not the project requires the disclosure of any significant financial or conflict of interests of project personnel.


·         Prior to engaging in any technology commercialization activities involving licensing or other transfer of University technology to third parties, Individuals will disclose any potential conflict of interest.


·         Prior to the start-up of any business or commercial activity by an Individual involving the research of that Individual, Individuals shall disclose the potential conflict of interest.


Other non-federal sponsors may adopt the PHS COI regulations that will require you to be subject to the PHS regulation on COI.   If you have questions about this PHS travel disclosure requirement, please contact ORIC by calling 252-328-9474. 


Travel Disclosure for Public Health Service Funded Personnel

Public Health Service or PHS means the Public Health Service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The agencies of the PHS are:

  • Administration for Children and Families

  • Administration on Aging

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

  • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Federal Occupational Health

  • Food and Drug Administration

  • Health Resources and Services Administration

  • Indian Health Service

  • National Institutes of Health, and Substance Abuse

  • Mental Health Services Administration

PHS regulation 42CFR50 requires disclosure of occurrences of any reimbursed travel or sponsored travel related to institutional responsibilities that are paid or reimbursed directly to a PHS funded traveler by for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  Excluded from this disclosure requirement is travel that is reimbursed or sponsored by a federal, state, or local government agency, an institution of higher education, an academic teaching hospital, a medical center, or a research institution affiliated with an institution of higher education.

If you have questions about this PHS travel disclosure requirement, please contact ORIC by calling 252-328-9474.

Once you fill out the information below, you will be directed to a survey to complete the disclosure process.