Coastal Water Resources Center
Institute for Coastal Science and Policy
beaufort co panoramic-resized

Beaufort County waterfront panoramic view of the Tar-Pamlico system.


View real time stage data of Green Mill Run, Greenville, NC

CLICK HERE to view.


North Carolina marsh


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Coastal Water Resources Center

East Carolina University

The Coastal Water Resources Center (CWRC), within the Institute for Coastal Science and Policy at East Carolina University (ECU), is an interdisciplinary team committed to maintaining and improving the quantity and quality of water resources of the Coastal Plain of Eastern North Carolina.  Working with ECU researchers and water professionals, the center supports applied research to develop usable strategies that address scientific, economic, social and political issues specific to water resources in the North Carolina Coastal Plain.


Mike O'Driscoll

Dr. Michael O'Driscoll, Geological Sciences, CWRC Director

Faculty with Water Interests

Clicking on the faculty's name will directly link you to their personal webpage or email.

Tom Allen | Geography | Geospatial technologies, environmental quality, natural hazards

David Chalcraft | Biology | Population, community, and ecosystem ecology; biodiversity

Robert Christian | Biology | Systems and network theory, coastal ecology

D. Reide Corbett | Coastal Studies Institute, Geological Sciences/ICSP | Coastal geochemical processes

Scott Curtis | Geography | Tropical meteorology and global precipitation

Jamie DeWitt | Pharmacology and Toxicology | Environmental toxicology

David Griffith | Interim Director, ICSP, Anthropology | Managed migration and value of labor in Guatemala

Adriana Heimann | Geological Sciences | Iron isotope geochemistry

Charles Humphrey | Environmental Health Sciences Program | Groundwater contamination

Jeff Johnson | Sociology/ICSP | Environment, social networks, quantitative methods

Jamie Kruse Economics, Center for Natural Hazards Research

Joe Luczkovich Biology, ICSP | Fish bioacoustics, food web network models

Scott Lecce | Geography | Surface-water hydrology, water resources

Eduardo Leorri | Geological Sciences| Sea-level research

Pat Long | Center for Sustainable Tourism

David Loomis | Recreation and Leisure Studies/ICSP | Human dimensions

David Mallinson | Geological Sciences | Coastal geology and environmental geophysics

Alex Manda | Geological Sciences/ICSP | Hydrogeology and water resources

Rick Miller | Geological Sciences/ICSP | Remote Sensing

Ron Mitchelson | Research and Graduate Studies | Geography of transportation

Siddartha Mitra | Geological Sciences | Organic geochemistry

Burrell Montz | Geography | Water resources planning and management

Rosana Nieto-Ferreira | Geography | Climate variability and prediction, tropical meteorology

Enrique Reyes | Biology | Landscape ecology and ecosystem analysis

Tom Rickenbach | Geography | Precipitation studies using satellite and radar data

Roger Rulifson | Biology/ICSP | Fisheries, spiny dogfish, otolith microchemistry 

Richard Spruill | Geological Sciences | Hydrology (Founding Director)

Hong-Bing Su | Geography | Micrometeorology, land-ecosystem-atmosphere interactions

Heather Vance-Chalcraft | Biology | Predation and community ecology, scientific teaching

Hans Vogelsong | Recreation and Leisure Studies | Coastal and estuarine recreation and tourism

J.P. Walsh | Coastal Studies Institute, Geological Sciences/ICSP | Sediment transport from land to ocean

Thad Wasklewicz | Geography | Geomorphology, spatial statistics

Terri Woods | Geological Sciences | Aqueous geochemistry

Assistants to CWRC

Caitlin Skibiel| Research Assistant, CWRC;| Hydrology

* ICSP | Institute for Coastal Science and Policy, East Carolina University