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ePIRATE is the fully electronic IRB submission, review, and tracking system that eliminates the need for paper documents.Your research files are easily accessible through ePIRATE. At any time you may view the status, known in ePIRATE as "study state", of your submission. Features include electronic submissions including initial applications, amendments, and reportable events, continuing review reminders, and easy access for department chairs and other administrators to view up-to-date research submissions.  




Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ - How do I get help with ePIRATE?

FAQ - What are ePIRATE User Roles?

FAQ - How can I quickly check the status of my study in ePIRATE?

FAQ - How do I upload and name documents in ePIRATE?

FAQ - How do I provide Department Review and Approval in ePIRATE?

FAQ - How do I copy a study in ePIRATE for use as a template?

FAQ - What are the steps in ePIRATE to gain IRB approval?



ePIRATE Training Documents and Tutorials


ePIRATE Registration

ePIRATE Registration for ECU Users (4 minutes)

ePIRATE Registration for non-ECU Users  (3 minutes)


ePIRATE Profile - Managing Your Profile

Editing Your ePIRATE Profile (4 minutes)

How to Add Your IRB Training Completion Date to Your ePIRATE Profile (PPT)

How to Upload Your CV to Your ePIRATE Profile (PPT) 

ePIRATE Submissions

How to Create a New Study in ePIRATE (PPT)

How to Create a Continuing Review in ePIRATE (PPT)
How to Create a New Amendment in ePIRATE (PPT)

How to Close a Study in ePIRATE (PPT) 

ePIRATE Training Documents

ePIRATE User Manual

ePIRATE Smart Form Template - New Study Application