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Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Misconduct

Faculty, staff, post doctoral fellows and students of East Carolina University have the responsibility to seek honestly and to promulgate ethically the truth in all phases of their work. This responsibility governs not only the production and dissemination of research and creative activities, but also applications for funding, reports to funding agencies, and teaching and publication of teaching materials. It also applies to the professional relationships among faculty, post doctoral fellows and students.

University Policy

The ECU Regulation on Research Conduct outline the major elements of responsible research conduct, the procedures to be followed to report possible breaches of these ethical principles, and the procedures to be followed to investigate the possible breaches. Briefly , if you suspect a possible breach , the first step is to examine the ECU Regulation on Research Conduct and follow its guidance.


Assistance and guidance are available from the Assistant Director, Research Compliance Administration, Hiromi Sanders, (252) 328-9474.