Location and Directions

Office Location

The STEPP Program offices are located on the second floor of Joyner Library, which is near the center of main campus.

Click here for the main campus map. Joyner Library is denoted as building #1, located in block C-5 of the map grid.

For general visitor information, including directions to Greenville and ECU's main campus, please click here.

Directions to the STEPP Program Learning Cove

  • Enter Joyner Library through its main entrance in the Sonic Plaza.
  • Walk straight ahead, passing the security desk on your right and circulation desk on your left.
  • There will be a set of stairs and an elevator on your left as you walk down the hallway. Go up to the second floor and immediately turn right.
  • Walk straight ahead (toward the large window). You should see the words "Project STEPP" on the wall to your right.
  • You will see a door on your right, with a small sign labeled "STEPP Program Learning Cove."
  • Enter through the door and go straight down that hallway, which will take you directly into the STEPP Program suite (2700 Joyner Library).

Don't worry; we know our office can be hard to find! If you get lost, please feel free to call us for directions at one of the following numbers:

252-328-5798 (Barbara Tritt)

252-328-1101 (Sarah Williams)

252-737-2661 (Morgan James)

Visitor Parking

Parking during Open House
  • The university designates several large parking lots for visitor parking on Open House days. Parking information should be provided after you register for Open House through ECU's Pirate Port.
Parking during individual campus visits - if you are taking an official campus tour
  • The Admissions Office will provide you with a visitor parking pass and parking instructions after you register for the tour through ECU's Pirate Port.
Parking during individual campus visits - if you are not taking an official campus tour
  • Short-term metered parking is available in the lot adjacent to Joyner Library, as well as at other locations across campus. Most meters have a 2-hour limit.
  • If you plan to be on campus for more than two hours, we recommend requesting a parking pass from the STEPP Program. We can provide a visitor pass that will allow you to park in specified lots on Main Campus for the entire day. Please request this pass when you confirm the date and time of your meeting with STEPP staff. If you arrive on campus before your scheduled meeting time, drop by our office as soon as you arrive to pick up the pass so you won't be ticketed or towed.
Parking during Boot Camp
  • Parents: The STEPP Program will issue visitor parking passes on the first day of Boot Camp. These passes will allow parents to park in specified lots on Main Campus for the entire day on Tuesday and Wednesday. If your student's Goal-Setting Meeting is scheduled for Monday afternoon, we will also provide a parking pass for Monday. Please drop by the office to pick up the parking pass as soon as you arrive on campus so you won't be ticketed or towed.
  • Students: New students should begin using their ECU-issued student parking pass on the first day of Boot Camp. The STEPP Program does not provide student parking passes during Boot Camp, and the visitor parking permits issued to parents cannot be used on student vehicles.

For additional ECU visitor parking information from the university's Parking and Transportation office, please click here.

Getting directions from a GPS unit or online maps website?

  • If you set your destination as the intersection of Lawrence Street and Library Drive in Greenville NC, you should end up right next to the metered parking spaces adjacent to Joyner Library.
  • If you're just aiming for the University, instead of that specific parking lot, you can set the destination as 1000 East Fifth Street in Greenville NC.
News and Events
Open House

The STEPP Program welcomed 14 families to our information session during ECU's Fall Open House. The next ECU Open House will be held in Fall 2016.

Meanwhile, STEPP is looking forward to hosting several information sessions for prospective students and families during the Spring 2016 semester. Check our News & Events page for updates on the dates of these sessions and how to register!

Admission Decisions for 2016 Cohort

Admission decisions for the 2016 cohort of the STEPP Program have been made, and decision letters were mailed out to all interviewees during the week of Sept. 22nd.

Applications for 2017 Cohort

Applications for the 2017 cohort will be posted on our website in early 2016. The application deadline will be May 15, 2016. Interested students are encouraged to attend one of the upcoming STEPP information sessions, which will be held Oct. 24, 2015 and in March or April of 2016.

STEPP Program represented at the 2014 Learner Profile

STEPP Program participants, Marell Cook (2011 Cohort) and Justin Decker (2013 Cohort) participated in the 2014 Learner Profile Convening on August 15 in Chapel Hill sponsored by the Oak Foundation Learning Differences Programme and their partner organization Public Impact. more...

Connect with STEPP on Social Media

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Location and Directions

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