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2011 Summer Study Abroad Programs



Tavern of the Seas: The Maritime and Urban Heritage of Pre- and Post-Apartheid Cape Town, South Africa


Destination:  Cape Town, South Africa
Program Dates:  July 17 – 31, 2011
Courses Offered:  HIST 3110; HIST 3810; HIST 3820;    HIST 4531/4532/4533;   HIST 5230; HIST 5660                         
Faculty:  Kenneth Wilburn, David Dennard
Cost: $3750 + Airfare (Includes Tuition for 6 s..h., Ground Transportation, Lodging, Some Meals, Health Insurance)


Experience the defining educational event of your life. Discover new dimensions of your own humanity. Study the maritime and urban heritage of pre- and post-apartheid Cape Town, South Africa. Explore the geographical, maritime, socio-cultural, and political history of Cape Town as well as the broad story of South Africa. Visit the Mother Continent and one of the world's most fascinating, diverse, and beautiful cities. Earn as many as 6 undergraduate or graduate credit hours. Explore the details of our program at: or contact Drs. David Dennard: 252-328-4364,; or Kenneth Wilburn: 252-328-1029,


ECU Summer Study in London

Destination:  London, England
Program Dates:  May 20 - June 12, 2011
Faculty:  Will Banks, Anna Froula, Brent Henze, Rick Taylor
ENGL 4550/7350; ENGL 4950/6515; ENGL 3895/6725; ENGL 4350/6940
Cost:  $2900 + Airfare (Includes Lodging and Tuition for 6 s.h.)


London itself is a text to be explored through the various lenses provided by specialists in different facets of English Studies.  We fuse the acts of reading the products of this multicultural Mecca with the experience of exploring its geography, its artifacts, its culture and different forms of entertainment.  Text and context are intertwined.  Every member of the group is experienced in teaching, conducting research, and leading study abroad programs in London (combined, the faculty have more than 25 years of experience in leading this program).


Staging London

Destination:  London
Program Dates:  June 12- June 22, 2011
Courses Offered:  Participants will be eligible for five CEUs, and if they choose, may follow up on the experience with directed reading study of British literature and culture for regular credit during second summer session. 
Faculty:  Rick Taylor & Will Banks
Cost:  $1600  + Airfare + Meals (Includes Lodging and Program Fees)


This program will use the city of London—its heritage, its arts communities, its intellectual traditions—as a means of enriching the perspectives of those teaching English in secondary schools.  The London stage (Shakespeare’s Globe, The National Theatre, Fringe Theatre, and other West-End and off West-End theatre) will serve as the cultural center of the experience.


Criminal Justice in Paris and London

Destination:  Paris, France , London, UK
Program Dates:  May 17-30, 2011
Courses Offered:  Justice 4600, 6601, 6602, 4403
Faculty:  Mark Jones
Cost:  $3990 (Includes Airfare, Lodging; Some Meals, Grand Transportation, Tuition, Health Insurance)

This program will facilitate learning about European justice systems of two of the most influential jurisdictions, through exposure to and interaction with law enforcement officers, members of the judiciary, and the corrections agencies of England and France.  Included will be visits to and lectures from several French and English criminal justice officials, including:  Palais de Justice, French National Police Museum, Le Sante Prison, Royal Courts of Justice, Jack the Ripper tour, and more. Contact Mark Jones:  252-328-4190,


Summer Study Abroad in India 2011

Destination:  India
Program Dates:  May 15 – June 9, 2011
Faculty:  Derek Maher
Courses Offered:  RELI 2500; RELI 2692; RELI 2693; RELI 3692; RELI 3930; RELI 4500; RELI 5000; PHIL 5533 Directed Readings
Cost:  $2750 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, Some Meals, Excursions, Tuition for 6 s.h.)


This course will explore some of the relationships between religion and culture in a living context.  Students will visit a variety of  key cultural and religious sites in India, including the Jama Masjid, the Bahai Temple, the Taj Mahal, the Ganges River and various Hindu Temples in Varanasi, Haridwar, and Rishikesh, as well as a variety of Buddhist sites throughout the Dharamsala region.  These sites are sacred to Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Bahais.  Through readings, on-site lectures, and their own experience, students will learn the significance of these locations.  They will also discover how adherents to these different faiths encounter their own sacred territory and how their cultural forms intersect with these spaces.  In Rishikesh, students will receive traditional training in yoga from a Hindu master.  In the Dharamsala region in northern India, students will learn Buddhist meditation from a Tibetan teacher.  The group will learn about a non-governmental organization called Tong-Len (  This organization is a Buddhist service organization with the primary mission of serving internally displaced Hindu members of the community.  There will be volunteer opportunities to work with the poor children in the commmunity.  Students will also visit various Tibetan cultural institutions including the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Norbu Lingka, and various monasteries.


Study Abroad in International Sustainability

Destination:  N. Queensland, Australia
Program Dates: June 5 – June 30, 2011
Faculty:  Dr. Clifton Watts, Dr. Paige Schneider
Courses Offered:  RCLS 4123
Cost:  $4800 + Airfare (Includes Some Meals, Health Insurance, Ground Transportation, Lodging, Excursions, Tuition for 6 s.h.)


This study abroad program will examine the natural (and related social) history and environmental conservation of North Queensland, Australia. Our program will focus on topics related to sustainable management (sustaining human societies and the natural environment in industrialized nations) through educational travel, field trips, active participation, lecture presentations and seminars, and coursework exercises. Students will take part in lectures and research projects occurring on the Great Barrier Reef, in the Outback of Northwest Queensland, and in the Daintree Rainforest. Sustainable management is critical to the ecosystems found in each. The course integrates Australian land and marine management policies with cultural and historical practices of the Aboriginal clans which occupy each of these areas. The course also explores the role of tourism in the Australian economy, and how tourism and its impacts can be sustained to minimize impacts on the cultural and natural resources of N. Queensland.


Study Abroad in Sustainable Tourism

Program Location: Fiji
Program Dates:  July 3 – July 12, 2011
Faculty: Dr. Clif Watts; Dr. Paige Schneider
Courses Offered:   RCLS 4124
***Cost: $1850 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, Some Meals, Excursions, Tuition for 3 s.h., Health Insurance)

The Fiji program will examine human and cultural aspects of Fijian ecology and the conservation, preservation, and management of Fiji’s unique system of marine, coastal, and mountain/rainforest natural resources. Students will use applications in cross-cultural analysis and techniques to explore the management and conservation of natural resources with a focus on issues related to human use of plant, forestry, wildlife, ecology, recreation and tourism, and/or coastal/water resources.  The impact of humans on these resources will also be emphasized, including a long-term historical perspective.  Like the Australian program, The Fijian program will also focus on topics related to sustainability through educational travel, field trips, active participation, lecture presentations and seminars, and coursework exercises. Fiji offers a perspective of sustainability in a developing nation, and focuses on the balance between preserving the indigenous culture and developing the economic structure of this nation.
***The Fiji course is an add-on to the Australian program. The two programs are tied to each other. Students must enroll in the Australian program to participate in the Fiji program. A transition period in Australia has students spending three days in Sydney (New South Wales), Australia before departing to Fiji.


Art And Culture Of The Andes

Program Location:  Peru
Program Dates:  July 7 - 15, 2011
Faculty:  Jessica J. Christie; Patricia M. Hayes
Courses Offered:  ART 3962, 3500, 5500, 6500, 6991, 6992, 6993, 6994, 3515, 6515, 1910
Cost:  $4350 + International Airfare  (Includes In-Country Transportation, Lodging, Some Meals, Excursions, Tuition for 6 s.h., Medical Insurance)


Would you like to walk in the footsteps of the Inca through their capital city Cusco?  Would you love to climb to the Inca royal estate of Machu Picchu and feel quite literally as if you were walking between heaven and earth?   You can, if you join our study abroad program Art and Culture in the Andes!


In the travel portion of the program, we will fly from Raleigh to Lima and be presented with a chronological overview of Andean cultures in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  From Lima, it is a one hour flight to Cusco where we will learn how to uncover the Inca past underneath and in the midst of the contemporary tourist town overflowing with traditional Andean textiles, ceramics, music, and modern paintings depicting Quechua people and Inca ruins as their subjects.  During the day, we will search for the traces of royal palaces, the Sun Temple, and mysteriously carved rocks while at night, you may try a decorated guinea pig for dinner.  We may consult with a Quechua shaman to offer a special pago to Pachamama for our safe journey.  From Cusco, our travels continue through the Urubamba Valley where all agricultural products for the capital were grown to the royal estates of Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu.  Machu Picchu was a leisure palace of the ruler Pachakuti and his court retreated there to relax and to consult with the mountain deities through ceremonies performed at carved rocks.  We return to Cusco and offer a day trip to Chinchero known for Thupa Inka's royal estate and as a community of Quechua weavers who continue to work in traditional techniques and styles.  From Cusco, we will fly to Puerto Maldonado situated in the rainforest.  Here you can explore Peru's amazing biodiversity and you will return home with the hands-on experience of Peru's three grandiose geographic and climatic zones:  the arid desert around Lima, the Andes mountain, and the rainforest jungle!   Contact: or


Summer Study Abroad in Córdoba Argentina

Destination:  Córdoba, Argentina
Program Dates:  May 10 - June 29, 2011
Faculty:  Susana Castano-Schultz
Courses:  SPAN1003, SPAN 1004, (Internships are Possible) 
Cost:  $4450 (Includes RT Airfare from Miami to Argentina, Lodging, Some Meals, Excursions, Tuition for 6 s.h., Medical Insurance)

Students and director will spend  6 weeks totally immersed in the language and the culture of Argentina while living in the heart of Argentina---Córdoba.  The program features, besides regular classes, a stay with host families with 2 daily meals included, loads of extracurricular activities (tango lessons, soccer games, horseback riding, theatre, etc.) and a visit to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.  

The cost of the program covers the application fee, tuition, international health insurance, international travel (Miami-Mendoza/ Córdoba-Miami), homestay with breakfast and dinner every day, extracurricular activities and trips. No lunches or dinners during out-of state trips. For further information, please contact the director: Susana Castaño-Schultz at


Italy Intensives

Destination:  Italy
Program One: May 10 - May 29, 2011
Program Two:  May 28 - June 15, 2011
Faculty: Linda Darty
Courses Offered:  ART (multiple)   COMM (multiple)  THEA (multiple)
Cost:  $3600 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, Some Meals, Museums, Tours with Guides, Performances, All In-Country Transportation,Health Insurance, Tuition for 6 credit s.h.)

Study Abroad In Italy With ECU College Of Fine Arts And Communications.  Visit Rome, Florence, Venice, the Tuscan village of Certaldo, Chianti, Pisa, San Gmignano, Sienna, and Cinque Terra on the Riviera. Earn 1 to 6 credits: Financial Aid Available.  Contact: Linda Darty at   


2011 Kyoto Study Tour

Destination:  Kyoto, Japan
Program Dates:  May 10 - May 26, 2011
Faculty:  John Tucker
Courses Offered:  HIST 3625, HIST 3626
Cost:  $3550 (Includes Airfare, Ground Transportation, Lodging, Health Insurance, Tuition for 6 s.h.)


The Japan Study Tour is based in Kyoto, the ancient imperial capital of Japan (794-1868), where traditional culture prevails. In addition to visiting the old imperial palace and attending the Aoi matsuri, a festival tradition for the last thousand years, students will visit and study samurai castles in Kyoto and the region, as well as historic Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Cultural activities such as kabuki, Noh drama, the tea ceremony, and geisha dances will be featured. Students will have the opportunity to visit Japanese universities in the area and to meet students there. These cultural experiences are complemented by readings, such as The Tale of Genji, which emerged from the ancient imperial city over the centuries. Contact Dr. Tucker at 252-328-1028,


College of Business Study Abroad Program to China


Destination: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing
Program Dates: May 17 – June 19, 2011
Faculty: Tope Bello, Elaine Seeman, Amy McMillan, Haozhe Chen
Courses Offered: MGMT 3352/6322, MGMT 4402/6802, MGMT 4952/6500, MIS 3063/6143, MIS 4963/6923 MGMT 4952/6500, MKTG 4992/6992, MKTG 4972/6652, OMGT 4763/6753
Cost: $3860 (Airfare NOT INCLUDED, tuition for up to 6 s.h., Lodging, Ground transportation, Health Insurance)


Three weeks of instruction on campus (or online). Two and a half weeks in China. Two or more days in each city. Site visits to major multinational corporations are included in the program. Lectures related to the coursework are also included on multiple campuses while in China. The most popular sites like the Great Wall are also included in the program. For more information visit:


Summer Study Abroad to Kenya

Destination:  Kenya
Program Dates:  July 1 -  July 14, 2011
Faculty:  Mary Nyangweso Wangila
Courses Offered:  RELI 2500
Cost:  $2990 + Airfare (Includes In-Country Transportation, Lodging, Some Meals, Tuition for 6 s.h., Health Insurance, Visas, Excursions, Entrance Fees)


In this course students will be exposed to the religions of Africa in a living experience. Students will be exposed to religious beliefs and experience the religious practices of Kenyans – indigenous religions, Africanized forms of Christianity and Islam. Students will visit religious sites such as Mount Kenya,- a popular religious shrine of the Kikuyu people,  learn about African religions of the Great Rift Valley religions, including - the Maasai and Samburu initiation rites . They will learn about the Luo religion, and make a trip to Kogelo villages (President Obama’s family home). Tourist experience will include a visit to Lake Bogoria, and a tour the Maasai Mara ecological sites. They will also be exposed to service learning opportunities in  circumcision communities as well as HIV/AIDS orphanage. Contact:  


A Study of Historic Fashion and English Social History of 1900-1930


Destination:  Queen Mary 2, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Great Britain (London, Bath)
Program Dates: May 15 – June 1, 2011
Faculty:  Jeffrey Phipps, Jill Carlson
Courses Offered:  THEA 3603, THEA 3333
Cost:  $4500 (Includes Queen Mary 2, Airfare, Ground Transportation, Lodging, Tuition for 6 s.h., Health Insurance)


The museums and historic homes of England are a treasure trove of information for the study of costume history and English social history of the 19th century.  Having access to primary sources for the study of costuming and being able to experience the physical spaces in which social life was conducted is an incredible opportunity for any study of theatre, art and history.  Jeffery Phipps, the Faculty Director, has been to the United Kingdom more than 15 times and has studied and toured extensively in London at the Victoria and Albert Costume Court, the National Portrait Gallery, Kensington Palace Costume Collection and the rebuilt Globe Theatre and in Bath at the world class Museum of Costume.  He will be assisted in the social history aspects of the course by Jill Carlson, a movement specialist, who will discuss and demonstrate movement and physical behavior of various classes of people during the 19th century.  Contact:


Public Health in Switzerland 2011

Destination:  Geneva, Switzerland
Program Dates:  May 22 - 31, 2011
Courses Offered:  HLTH 4800, HLTH 6503
Faculty:  Dr. Sloane Burke, Karen Vail-Smith
Cost:  $2690 + Airfare (Includes Tuition, Ground Transportation, Some Meals, Health Insurance)


During this 10-day public health study abroad program in Switzerland, students will travel in and around Geneva, Switzerland and earn 6 credit hours for the BS degree or 3 credit hours toward an MA by completing works required for one course, 4800 Field Study in International Health or 6503, Independent Study.   Dr. Sloane Burke and Ms. Karen Vail-Smith will lead the program.  Students will study global public health through curriculum designed and delivered by the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Site visits will also include Red Cross International Headquarters and a community hospital.  It would not be Switzerland without a trip to the Alps!  Here we will hike, bike, and explore healthy lifestyles.  Students will process their experiences with daily journals while in Switzerland, reflective "fireside" chat discussions, and by engaging in analytic analyses with a final project paper (comparing Switzerland and U.S. public health issues) due one week after the return trip.  Students will learn more about the World Health Organization and the United Nations history, structure, governance, functions, services, program grants, funding, and their 6-point agenda.  Students will also gain understanding about Swiss culture through the 10-day trip.  We welcome other students from other majors to join us to explore Switzerland and become a better prepared global citizen in the 21st century.  Contact: or  


Dublin and Wicklow Study Abroad Program in Irish Literature and Culture


Destination:  Ballinderry, Rathdrum, County Wicklow, Ireland
Program Dates:  May 21 – June 11, 2011
Faculty:  Thomas Herron
Courses Offered:  ENGL 4530, ENGL 4540
Cost:  $3700 + Airfare (Includes Most Ground Transportation, Lodging, Most Meals, Tuition for 6 s.h., Health Insurance)


The goals of the program are to immerse students in Irish literature, history and culture while living in the County Wicklow countryside not far from Dublin, a major European capital.  Ireland has an ancient and rich culture, which is also a vital part of English and European culture, arts and literature.  Ireland’s cultural wealth is in ample evidence both in its literature as well as monuments of archaeological value that dot the landscape (more per square mile than in any other European country).  The program will focus on the historical development of Irish culture and letters (including a historical survey of Irish literature), ranging from the prehistoric through the medieval and renaissance and into modernity.  Outside the classroom, we will visit many sites and monuments in the neighborhood of Wicklow and farther afield, especially in Dublin.  Contact:


Global and Multicultural Discourse in Belize

Destination:  Belize
Program Dates:  July 5 - 25, 2011
Courses Offered:  ENGL, ETHN, RELI, WOST
Faculty:  Dr. Seodial Frank Deena
Cost:  $2900 + Airfare (Includes Lodging, Health Insurance, Some Meals, Tuition)


Anyone interested in living and studying in a global, multicultural, multiethnic, and multi-lingual society should explore the summer study abroad opportunity in Belize.

Belize is a small, English Speaking country on the Caribbean Coast of Central America. It is culturally diverse and historically rich—from the ancient Mayan sites and contemporary Mayan and Latin American and Caribbean cultures to the rich lifestyles of the African-based Garifuna.

Through the examination of issues, cultures, writers and their works, social and economic situations, and landscapes and environments, students will gain a unique experience in global, postcolonial, and multicultural perspective of Belize, Latin America, and the Caribbean, producing a rich and universal experience of global, intertextual, interdisciplinary, and multicultural discourse in language, history, culture, religion, literature, and travel. Contact:


Greece:  Intro to Ancient Greek Theatre Arts


Destination: Greece:  Athens, Naxos, Santorini 
Program Dates: July 18 – August 1, 2011
Faculty:  Michael Tahaney

Courses Offered:  THEA 3603; THEA 3503; DNCE 3503
Cost:  $1735.00 + Airfare + Meals (Included are Tuition, Health Insurance, Ground Transport, Lodging, Excursions, Tours, Live Theatre and Dance Performances in Greece)

The Program is a mix of text and play readings, on site field research, writing, online classroom participation, and journaling.  If you love the arts; architecture, dance, theatre or have a fascination with the history of ancient civilizations, Greece is a must. Join us on a spectacular journey back to the cradle of civilization and theatre.   Contact program director:


Sport in Europe: Exploring European Sport Organizations and Culture

Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands (3 nights); Cologne & Munich, Germany (7 nights); Salzburg, Austria (day trip from Munich); Zurich, Lausanne and the Swiss Alps, Switzerland (4 nights); Milan, Italy (5 nights)
Program Travel Dates: June 6 – 25, 2011
Courses Offered: EXSS 4003, EXSS 4301, EXSS 6500, EXSS 6803                        
Faculty:  Stacy Warner, Ph.D.
Cost: $5800.00  (Includes Airfare from JFK, Lodging, 13 Meals, Ground Transportation, and Tuition for 6s.h. undergrad or 6 s.h. graduate)

This course aims to provide an overview of sport in Europe. Students will visit and meet with European sport organizations including professional teams, amateur sport organizations, international sport federations, and corporate sport entities in an effort to better understand organizational and institutional structure, cultural patterns, and the dynamics of European society.  Specifically, the purpose of this course is to examine the organization of sport within European society; the social organization from amateur to professional sport; sport operations in the global economy; and the cultural implications of sports. Earn as many as 6 undergraduate or graduate credit hours. Explore the details of our program at or contact: Stacy Warner, Ph.D. 252-328-0095,


Medieval and Renaissance France

Destination:  France:  Paris, Cap d’Ail, Carcassone, Lerins, and Tours
Program Dates:  May 22- June 6, 2011
Courses Offered:  HIST 1030, 3005, MRST 3000, FREN 3700 (Special Topics: Civilization of Medieval & Renaissance France)
Faculty: Jonathan Reid and Rai d’Honore
Cost:  $3800 + Airfare (Included is Health Insurance, Tuition, Some Meals, Lodging, Excursions)

Earn up to 6 credits from a choice of 4 courses during this 16 day program to Medieval and Renaissance France.  At ECU prior to departure, students will learn about the history and culture of France and then visit those sites they have studied.  Exploiting the incomparable collections housed in the Louvre in Paris and other French sites, students will also have the option to study the history of civilizations from their origins in 3500 BCE to 1600 CE, with special emphasis on French and European history.  Starting in Paris, students will see such eye-opening marvels as the Code of Hammurabi stele and Egyptian papyri at the Louvre, the Roman arena, as well as iconic medieval treasures:  the Latin Quarter, Notre Dame cathedral, the Sainte Chapelle, and the Cluny Museum.  Traveling down to Cap d'Ail on the French Riviera close to the Italian border, students will experience the culture of southern France, visiting medieval villages and a self-sufficient abbey dating from the fifth century on an island off the coast of Cannes.  An overnight stop to explore the medieval city of Carcassonne, a world heritage site, will precede travel to the Loire Valley in the western part of the country and its magnificent Renaissance castles.  Students will keep detailed journals, and students enrolled in French courses will interview local people and be required to speak French extensively.  Contact: or


Agricultural Biotechnology and Chinese Culture

Destination:  China
Program Dates:  May 16 - June 1, 2011
Courses Offered:  Bio 3230/3231, Bio 4504, Bio 4514, Bio 4800, Bio 6504
Faculty:  Baohong Zhang and John Stiller
Cost:  TBA


This course offers students the chance to experience advances in agricultural biotechnology in China, as well as Chinese culture.  One goal is to enhance the international experience of ECU faculty and students and to strengthen global competence of US higher education.  The course will be operated through the facilities of the Henan Institute of Sciences and Technology.  Students will be introduced to current field research on agricultural biotechnology with a focus on agriculturally important crops, including cotton, wheat and corn.  The focus will be on understanding the importance of plant biotechnology research to progress on issues of central interest in agriculture, environment and human health. Contact: or


Perspectives in International Community Health Nursing

Destination:  Antigua, Guatemala
Program Dates:  May 22 - June 10, 2011
Courses Offered:   NURS 4220, 5620; MPH 6050
Faculty:  Kim Larson
Cost:  $2750 (Includes Air Fare, Ground Transportation, Room & Board, Daily One-on-One Spanish Lessons, Health Insurance, Tuition for 3 s.h.)

This course introduces students to health care issues and the provision of nursing care with indigent communities in Guatemala, Central America.  Students live with Guatemalan families, study Spanish, and conduct health promotion and service learning projects with Mayan children.  Students participate in cultural rituals, e.g. Mayan wedding ceremony, cooking techniques, and traditional healing practices.  The two nursing faculty have over thirty years of experience working with Latino populations including the US Peace Corps, Honduras, and numerous international study abroad programs in Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala.  Contact:


Panama Terrestrial Tropical Ecology

Destination:  Gamboa, Panama
Program Dates:  June 27 – July 11, 2011
Courses Offered:  BIOL 4400, BIOL 4504, BIOL 6850/6860, BIOL 6504
Faculty:  Kyle Summers, Susan McRae
Cost:  $3750  (Includes Air Fare, Ground Transportation, Lodging, All Meals in Panama, Health Insurance, Tuition for 6 s.h.)

This course offers students the chance to experience the biological diversity of the tropical forest in Panama, Central America.  The course will be operated through the facilities of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to observe and participate in tropical field research while living at a world-class tropical research facility used by tropical biologists from around the world.

Students will be introduced to current field research on tropical animals, with a focus on terrestrial vertebrates.  Students will observe ongoing research on a number of classic systems firsthand (e.g. Heliconius butterflies, Tungara frogs, leaf-cutter ants), and will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on field research into issues of central interest in ecology and evolutionary biology, such as sexual selection, aposematism, mimicry, and biodiversity. Contact: or


Panama Marine Ecology Program

Destination:  Galeta and San Blas, Panama
Program Dates:  July 13 – July 31, 2011
Courses Offered:  BIOL 4500, BIOL 4504, BIOL 6850/6860, BIOL 6504
Faculty :  Joseph Luczkovich
Cost:  $3900 (Includes Air Fare, Lodging, Most Meals, Ground Transportation, Boat Use Fees, Health Insurance, Tuition for 6 s.h.)

The Marine Field Ecology Summer Program will introduce undergraduate students to the major marine ecosystems and communities of the tropics and will provide practical experience with marine ecology field research.  The course will be intensive and field oriented, covering the coral reef, mangrove, and seagrass ecosystems of the world.  Swimming and snorkeling will be required.  Graduate student teams with varying backgrounds will examine applications of scientific data to specific coastal issues of concern to coastal management agencies and private sector organizations.  Contact:


College of Business Study Abroad Program to the Netherlands

Destination: Nijmegen, Arnhem, Amsterdam
Program Dates: May 17 – July 8, 2011 (OR) June 24 – July 29, 2011
Faculty: Tope Bello, Elaine Seeman, Amy McMillan, Haozhe Chen
Courses Offered: MGMT 3352/6322, MGMT 4402/6802, MGMT 4952/6500, MIS 3063/6143, MIS 4963/6923 MGMT 4952/6500, MKTG 4992/6992, MKTG 4972/6652, OMGT 4763/6753
Cost: $3075 + Airfare (Included are Tuition for up to 6 s.h., Lodging, Ground Transportation, Health Insurance)


The three-week stateside instructional component can be completed either during the first or second summer session periods at ECU.  Two weeks in the Netherlands. There’s also an optional five-day trip to Belgium for an additional fee. A day-trip to Amsterdam is included in the program. Students may choose to spend an additional day in Amsterdam at their own cost.  Site visits to major multinational corporations are included in the program. Lectures related to the coursework are also included at Han University campus. For more information visit:  


The Spell of Africa


Destination:  Ghana, Africa's First Independent Country

Program Dates:  May 29 - June 12, 2011

Courses Offered:  HIST 3110, HIST 3810, HIST 3820, HIST 4531/4532/4533, HIST 5230, HIST 5660

Faculty:  Kenneth Wilburn and David Dennard

Cost:  $3750 + Airfare (Includes Tuition for 6 s.h., Ground Transportation, Lodging, Some Meals, Health Insurance)


"The Spell of Africa" is an intensive study of Africans in the Diaspora with special emphasis on the transatlantic voyage from West Africa to the Americas.  It devotes primary attention to the nation of Ghana, both as a principal center of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and as a place that has figured prominently in the African American search for identity and post-colonial African independence.  Through a survey of core readings, coupled with visits to important sites, students will explore the historical, cultural, and geographical terrain of Africans in West Africa, as well as the heritage of untold millions who were captured, sold, and enslaved in the Americas.  Some of the key places students will visit include the Elmina and Cape Coast Castles (major slave trading sites), Accra, University of Cape Coast, the Nkrumah Memorial, the W.E. B. DuBois Centre, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Manhyla Palace in Kumasi (seat and capitol of the Ashanti Kingdom), Bonwire and Ntonso for Kente and Adinkra cloth, Ahwiaa for wood carvings, Sankana, Assin Manso (an old slave factory), stunning Anomabo Beach, a drum ensemble, and a home stay with African families in Winneba.  All ECU registered undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply.  Explore the details of our program at or contact Drs. David Dennard at 252-328-4364, or Kenneth Wilburn at 252-328-1029,


Study Abroad Malaga Spain


Destination:  Malaga, Spain
Program Dates:  June 11 - July 1, 2011
Courses Offered:  EDTC 6903, EDTC 6981
Faculty:  Patricia J. Slagter van Tryon
Cost:  $3275 + Airfare (Includes Tuition, Insurance, Lodging, Ground Transportation, Some Meals, Spanish Lessons, Some Excursions)
Students will experience Spanish culture and education first hand. Students will be able to engage in conversation with teachers in Spanish schools as well as local pre-service teachers. This course offers a Spanish language immersion component to be conducted by native speakers of Spanish. This component is unique in that the student does not need a particular proficiency or prior experience with the Spanish language for placement. Each ECU student will be tested and placed in one of 6 personalized levels, from beginner to advanced, and offered immersion and progression at each student's comfortable pace. The itinerary includes a tour of Malaga, Salsa and Flamenco classes, excursion to Granada, weekly lectures on cultural topics, films in the cinema (in Spanish), a full weekend, all inclusive, to Morocco. Contact: Dr. Slagter van Tryon at 252-737-1568,